Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Words worth sharing

More quotes by Mary Anne Radmacher HERE


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    1. Kv I like to think I live this way but it's not always easy!

  2. Well if only some people read this would and at least follow a sure would make life easier and more peaceful.

    By the way I like your new Blog layout. :-)

    1. Well Erica, thanks to Perpetua I realised that we could now have this embedded comment system on Blogger. If you look at Blogger Buzz on your dashboard it tells you how to do it.
      Although I've just picked up from Perpetua that the time stamp is wrong if you change to this not sure what can be done about that

  3. I like to think I follow this creed most of the time - occasionally, I forget or sink into something rather unpleasant - but most of the time...yes, I am absolutely in accord with Mary Anne! Thank you for sharing these words - definitely worth it.

    1. I am definitely in tune with her Annie, even if I can't always get it right.


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