Friday, 16 March 2012

Creative Bloggers

I have just read an interesting post by Perpetua at Perpetually in Transit who writes about the conditions attached to blog awards.  One of her followers commented that it can make awards feel a bit like chain letters, and I agree with this.  It can take away the pleasure of receiving an award, when you yet again find that you can only accept it on the condition that you write some facts about yourself.

I'm always very flattered to receive an award from a fellow blogger.  Perpetua is indeed very creative in her blog, and I feel quite chuffed that she thinks I am creative too!  Thankyou Perpetua.

I'm even more delighted to pass on an award to blogs that I enjoy, and on this occasion I will follow the same sentiments as Perpetua.   This award comes with no conditions at all.  I just want it to be accepted for what it is, and to enable me to recommend some of the many blogs that I enjoy, and give you the opportunity to discover them.

I'm just going to list the links.  I'm not going to write anything about them.  Follow the links and hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do:


Costa Rica Calling

The Western Front: A One Woman Invasion

I enjoy so many blogs.  It's hard to choose so I picked these three out of a hat from some of the best ones.


  1. Nice, I rarely do memes for that reason and I usually change the 'conditions' to suit myself even then!

    1. I know what you mean Kv. I'm so grateful to be recognised and receive an award. What I don't like is that instant thought "oh no what do I have to do to accept it?" Thanks to Perpetua, I think many of us will do this differently in future.

  2. Thank you Ayak, that's very kind of you. I'm new to this so don't have the ability yet to reciprocate, you'll have to pm me and tell me how to do it. I'm really enjoying your blog.

  3. You're welcome BtoB.

    I'm not sure what you need to know so I'll explain how I do it. Firstly I copy the award pic by right clicking and saving to my pc. Then I put it on my sidebar by using the Design page..Add a gadget..then add a picture.

    You probably know how to add pics to your blog post anyway, and probably links, but I just go to the blog I want to give an award to, copy the URL by right clicking. Then when writing the post I click on the little LINK symbol at the top of the post. When the box opens I write the name of the blog in the top box, then paste the URL into the URL box..Press OK at the bottom. It then appears on your post.

    I'm not sure really if this is what you wanted to know, so forgive me if its not and it sounds like I'm teaching my grandmother to suck eggs!

    I'm really not technically minded (as some of my followers would tell you) so it's all been a bit trial and error with me. But if I can do it...anyone can!

    1. Ayak - That's exactly what I needed to know - I don't have a clue most of the time. Thank you BtoB

    2. Oh that's great BtoB..hope I've explained it OK. If there's anything that's not clear, give me a shout x

  4. I don't know about not being technically minded, Ayak, but that's as good an explanation of how to do it as anyone could want. :-) As for not being creative, anyone who can move the furniture around like you do and make it work every time, HAS to be creative!

    I didn't realise until I got this award and researched its origins that I'm really a subversive at heart. I really didn't like the way conditions had been attached later, so decided to remove them for myself and my nominees at least. Glad you agree with the sentiments.

    1. I really do agree Perpetua and I'm glad you did this because it lifts the pressure people may feel. Blogging has to be a pleasure. When certain aspects of it become a chore, then there's no point.

      Well I'm glad you understood my explanation about links etc so hopefully BtoB will too.

      Haha. I've just laughed out loud at the moving furniture comment. Having got Mr A to move the sofa from the balcony to the bedroom before he went to Kusadasi, when he came home for the day on Friday, I got him to move it back again! How creative is that lol x

  5. As a beneficiary of your explanations I can only say that they describe exactly what one has to do and how to do it.
    Pity the IT bids can't emulate you.

    Thank you for the award...I know what you mean about conditions - in any case some of them are so far removed from my world I'd have a problem fulfilling them.

    And thanks for the introduction to more super blogs....

    1. Fly. Fortunately you and I speak the same language when it comes to computer techy stuff!

      And you're most welcome to the award..well deserved xx

  6. Congrats on the award.
    I agree with you in a lot of ways.....
    While I am flattered to receive an award (& the first time it happened I was so excited that you'd have thought I'd have won an Oscar!) I also do things in my own time & sometimes not at all as I hate to feel pressurised.
    So I hope I haven't offended anyone if they realise that I don't often pass on these awards as it can seem like a chain letter. That just proves that I really don't deserve them in the first place!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

    1. Maggie, you deserve all the awards you get. I'm really pleased that Perpetua brought up this subject because judging by the response, many people feel the same way. We should be able to accept awards graciously and not feel obliged to do anything else with them. I think now this is out in the open, most of us will make up our own minds what we want to do.


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