Friday, 6 April 2012

An Appeal

Most of you will by now know that I support the Turkish Animal Group (T.A.G).  You can read all about the wonderful work being done here in Turkey by Karen Lowrie Wren and her team of volunteers if you click on the link on my sidebar.

At the moment they are desperately trying to raise funds to buy a vehicle to transport the dogs to and from the vets and the shelter.  It's also needed to stock up on food for the dogs.

In the past few weeks there was sickness in the shelter and sadly a few of the pups died.  Happily others that were ill have now fully recovered.  However, it meant that a car had to be hired to transport the dogs to and from the vets.  A vehicle is also essential if the group is to continue to rescue dogs from the streets, in order to re-home them.

If you feel that you are able to make a matter how small...every little helps..... it would be most welcome.  Even if you can't, please take a look at the fundraising page on Facebook HERE, join the page and help to spread the word.

Thankyou xxx  


  1. Thank you Linda , Love Karen X

    1. You're very welcome Karen xxxx


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