Friday, 20 April 2012

A quick hello

The past few days have been very hectic and my anxiety levels hit the roof.  Mr A was in Ankara on Sunday following the death of his grandmother.  The funeral took place on Monday and I expected him to return home on Tuesday in time to take me to the airport on Wednesday morning and the dogs to Gwen in Selçuk.

As is normal in my life, most things don't go to plan.   It was very windy on Tuesday and by evening we were hit by gale force winds again.  Far worse than those last week.   Mr A didn't in fact leave Ankara until late evening, and because the weather was so bad had to drive very slowly.  It's a long journey, and I was anxious for his safety.   It was also impossible to sleep because of the noise from the wind and the damage it was causing, so I sat up all night.

I was showered, packed and ready by 5am,even though I wasn't due to leave the house until 7.45am.

I was reluctant to phone Mr A because it's difficult for him to answer while he is driving in such bad conditons but by 7.15am I had heard nothing so called him.   He was still over 200 km away so clearly was not going to arrive home in time to take me to the airport.  He phoned a friend in the village who kindly collected me from the house and took me to catch my flight.

And what a flight!  I've never known turbulence like it.  Several people were making use of the sick bags, and the cabin staff wouldn't serve drinks for fear of spilling them on the passengers.  By the time we reached Istanbul, I was feeling pretty shaken up, but at least the wind had died down.

However, even though we boarded the Heathrow flight on time, it was delayed by 2 hours.  I'm never too bothered about delays but it's not so good when the time is spent on the runway not being able to get up and walk about.

Mr A arrived home around midday, slept all afternoon, then drove to Selçuk with the dogs, then on to Kusadasi.

I finally arrived at my daughter's house, where Billy was jumping up and down with the excitement of my arrival.  I was absolutely exhausted, but getting those first hugs with my daughter and grandsons, all the anxiety melted away.

I'm still tired..those gorgeous boys absolutely wear me out.  But I'm loving every minute of it.  It's Billy's 3rd birthday on Monday, and we are taking him to Pizza Hut for tea..his favourite.   Jimi will be 1 year old on the 29th, so we are having a joint party for the two of them on Saturday 28th.  There will be lots of family and friends and I am so hoping we might get some sunshine.

I'm not sure that I will get any more time to blog, or catch up on anyone else's blogs before I return home on the 30th.   Then I think I may need a few days sleep before I get back to normal.

See you all again soon xxx


  1. You must have been so worried about Mr. A driving in those conditions...let alone the added worry of catching your flight - and what a flight!

    You won't have time to breathe, let alone blog! Enjoy the party life!

  2. What a start to your trip Ayak ! You must be exhausted...but it sounds as if you are going to have a wonderful time with those babies. I hope it all goes well, and I look forward to hearing all about it. J.

  3. Thanks for letting us know you've arrived safely, Ayak, despite all the hitches. Now just relax, enjoy your visit and forget all about blogging until you're home again. :-)

  4. I wondered if you'd take off from Bodrum during the storm. Glad to hear you got to your daughter's safely.

  5. So glad you eventually arrived safely, Ayak. Enjoy your lovely family and the boys' birthdays - not that you need any excuses for lots and lots of hugs. Axxx
    (Hope you have a better journey home!)

  6. Glad you made it okay....but sorry about the troubles before. Especially that plane ride... Oh..well it just makes life more interesting.... but with those Grandkids being so excited to see you it was worth it.
    I know how you felt about Mr. A driving in those treacherous conditions, I know some of those roads have valleys, hills etc....over there, they freak me out just in the daytime with the sun shining some of those roads...
    Now you can take a deep breath and enjoy yourself....Happy Birthday to your Grandkids.... :-)

  7. Just you take care of yourself and enjoy the kids. Your fans are happy to wait for your offerings to come at a later time.

  8. Have a great trip to England. Enjoy your grandsons!

  9. Hope you are having a great time xx

  10. Oh, what a terrible start to the holiday, but glad it was OK in the end & that you got to England safely.
    Have a wonderful time.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  11. have a great and visit after you're home and rested!


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