Thursday, 7 June 2012

This week...

...has been much the same as last week.  I am stuck at home, mostly because I can't bear to leave Beki on her own.

She is quite weak most of the time, mainly because I just can't get her to eat.  It has been 4 days since she touched food.  I have tried everything imaginable to tempt her.  She took a couple of teaspoons of honey a couple of days ago and that's about it.  I even cooked my precious pork sausages for her...but she turned away from them.

Last night her wound was weeping.  Thankfully it stopped bleeding on Sunday after Mehmet came out to see her, but it looked like there was now an infection.  I phoned Mehmet this morning and he came out to see her.  Before he arrived Beki started to vomit quite violently, although there's nothing to bring up but grass which she has been nibbling on to make herself sick, as dogs do when they have a digestive problem.

Mehmet said that one of the stitches had come out, probably due to Beki licking the area.  This is not a big problem as long as we can prevent her from touching it.  So we put the "bucket" on her again.  She absolutely hates it and gets very distressed, so after an hour I had to remove it, and if necessary I will sit up all night with her to prevent her from making the wound any worse.  The vomiting and loss of appetite is, Mehmet believes, due to a gastric infection which is not really connected to the operation...just  Beki's misfortune in picking up something else to make her feel poorly.

Mehmet sprayed the wound, and administered more antibiotics and medication for the gastric problem...4 injections in all, and has left me with a further 3 injections to give her tomorrow.  She is very sleepy and wobbly on her feet and I am very worried about her.  We can only do our best for her and keep our fingers crossed that she can fight all this and make a good recovery.

The weather here has been getting hotter by the day.  Summer is finally here, with temperatures today around 33 degrees, with a lovely breeze up here on the hill.  Very pleasant.

Things in the garden are growing at a rapid rate.  Tomatoes, peppers, strawberries are doing well.  The grapevines look like they are going to produce a bumper crop this year.

The beans that I half-heartedly threw into the soil (instead of planting the way I had been instructed) have absolutely shot up and overtaken the long canes Mr A put into the ground to support them.  Haha...maybe I do have slightly green fingers after all!

One positive thing I can tell you about this week is that I have heard through the family grapevine that the inlaws won't be visiting yet.  Apparently they will be here in the autumn instead when the olives are ready.  So I have a reprieve!  Something to be very grateful for, I can tell you!


  1. Definitely a reprieve. Inlaws and invalids would be too much. Poor Beki and poor you too.I hope her tummy is better today so that she can get down the food she so desperately needs to recover. You will be so delighted when she eats something. Thinking of you. x

    1. Thankyou Rosie. I was just about to do another update about Beki but it's been a difficult day. And I think perhaps my followers might be getting fed up with my going on about her. I am totally preoccupied with her at the moment. We spent all morning at the vets. She's not out of the woods just yet xx

  2. So sorry to hear about poor 'sweet' Beki. Hope she's doing better soon. NO we are not tired hearing about Beki, I always check to see an update. I'm sure this is just a bit of an awful problem she's going through. As they say it can't get more worse but better.

    Happy your in-laws ain't coming just yet...that's all you need at the moment, ..... hang in there. xxxxx

    1. Thanks Erica. She spent 3 hours on a drip this morning because she hasn't eaten for 5 days. She has had so many injections and various medications, she's a bit wobbly now. But I'm force feeding her and she's keeping it least she has for the last 3 hours...a good sign I think....I hope!


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