Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A plug

This is a short post for my blogging friend Carol, whose blog is called Not only in Thailand

 Some months ago she set herself a challenge to do a drawing a day for a year, and each month she holds a draw for one of her followers to win one of her pieces of art.

Carol has now set up a shop on etsy called Art is Autobiographical. where her work can be purchased.  She's asking her followers to spread the word and I am happy to do so.

Good luck Carol xxx


  1. I'd love that design in stained glass....

    1. Yes that would be lovely Fly.

  2. Ayak you are a super star!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    The Fly in the web - Your right...that would make an amazing stained glass...but I suspect only if someone else made it :-)

    C x

    (For some reason I can't log in as myself at the moment!)

    1. You're very welcome Carol. xxx

      Oh I expect Blogger is playing up again.


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