Monday, 30 July 2012

Well done TAG!


TAG go to huge lengths to rescue starving, injured or abused strays left to die in the forest, abandoned by the roadside, hit by cars......They recently drove 14 hours each way to save a litter of desperate puppies dum
ped in a rubbish tip with no mother.

Please support them by liking their facebook page above and joining their facebook group below ♥♥

They have just received a call today about a puppy found poisoned - this is one of the daily dangers stray dogs face in Turkey.   This was one of a litter of pups and their mother that are living in a forest.  Karen has been out daily to feed them, she has frontlined and wormed them.  The TAG shelter is full at the moment, so she is desperately trying to find a way of rescuing them.

 We are delighted that TAG has at last gained charity status.  It opens up so many more doors, and makes it far easier to fundraise for this work.

Please spread the word...thankyou xx


  1. I saw the facebook page....and what struck me was the hassle they had to be registered...I suspect that the tsx efficient foundations of some celebrities didn't have all that to put up with.

    You know I support animal aid charities here...but all power to the elbow of TAG - and to people like you who look out for animals who can't help themselves.

    1. It has been very difficult getting registered Fly, but thanks to one of our supporters who had the knowledge to work through the minefield, it was at last achieved.

      It's also a huge relief in another respect. There has been a persistent hate campaign against Karen. I've probably mentioned it before. I am totally amazed at how evil people can be. It's due mostly to jealousy I think, or spite, or whatever. Karen has risen above it although it understandably gets to her at times. Charity status now means that these people have little ammunition. After all, it's all about the animals, something which these nasty disrupters clearly care little for.

  2. Happy that things are looking up...and that you brought this to our attention.......Karen really is a true Angel.
    Here we have great Animal Control and charities and fund raising events. This country where I live is good b/c we have laws, some people are heavily fined or even incarcerated for animal cruelty or neglect.

    1. Yes and that's reailly as it should be Erica. Having charity status now makes it a whole lot easier to apply for grants andmore fundraising.


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