Monday, 20 August 2012

Resurrecting Old Posts

It's that time of year when for whatever reason, it seems difficult to find much to write about.  I blame it on the heat, which appears to make my brain sieze up.

I was talking to my friend BtoB the other day about my journey from Cappadocia to Selçuk and it occurred to me that I could dredge up some old posts and re-publish them.  They might prove interesting to those of you who haven't followed my blog since I started it.

This is the one I was talking about:


I'm a firm believer in fate. The move from Goreme to Selcuk happened incredibly quickly, due to a series of coincidences or whatever you would like to call them...
Mr Ayak had secured a job in Selcuk. We talked on the phone about the possibility of me moving there. But I was happy in Goreme and a bit uncertain about moving to a town I didn't know...and had only passed through once years before on a trip to Ephesus.
So here I was...on a Sunday...pondering about it, when there was a knock on the door. It was my landlord. He had come to tell me that his son was getting married. I offered my congratulations..then he told me that he would need me to leave the house as he wished to give it to his son and new wife.
As I have mentioned before...rental accommodation is very difficult to find in Goreme and it was very unlikely that I would be able to find something else.
About an hour later Mr Ayak phoned me and I told him my news. "OK"...he said..."just move to Selcuk now. I'll find a house to rent and organise removals".
A little while later he phoned to say that he had found a company who had a truck up in Kayseri (60km from Goreme) that had just made a delivery and was due to drive back empty to Selcuk the following day. This would cost about half the normal price to travel the 900km to Selcuk.
There was obviously no time for Mr Ayak to get up to Goreme to help me pack up and if I decided to do it, I'd have to do it alone. No time to think it through...I just did it. To this day I am certain that if I had had the time to give it more thought I would have talked myself out of it!
So.....I was up all night packing up the contents of my house, and the truck arrived the next morning. My landlord found some men to load my belongings on to the truck. And we set off.
The journey...all 17 hours of it...was an absolute nightmare. The truck cab was quite small. I had to put Beki in a small space between me and the driver. Beki was moulting at the time. Because she was nervous, she dribbled and farted. The driver had very strong body odour. He also didn't speak a word of English.
17 hours!! I can't believe I survived it. I just kept telling myself that I'd never have to do anything like this again so I just had to get through it.
To be fair...the driver was very kind. Bearing in mind that most Turks don't like dogs..he was very tolerant of Beki..even taking her for toilet walks when we stopped for refreshments.
We arrived in Selcuk at 6.30am on Tuesday morning. The battery on Mr Ayak's mobile phone had died and I couldn't contact him. The driver and I sat in the truck on the outskirts of Selcuk wondering what to do next. Finally an hour later Mr Ayak phoned from a borrowed phone and came to meet us.
Then we set off to the house he had rented for us.......


  1. You're a survivor!

    And soon it will be September and you'll have plenty to blog about but no time to do it.

    1. Yes Fly, September will provide plenty to write about.

      Talking about surviving...I'm not finding it easy to do so in this heat. It's almost 4.30am now and still too hot to sleep!

  2. That was some journey and move.....but you managed to survive and everything fell in place. Funny how things turn out......
    Love Selcuk, well really walking around Ephesus.
    Like Fly said September is around the corner and soon more adventures will be happening.
    Take care.

  3. I love Selçuk too Erica. I would have happily stayed there if FIL hadn't given us this house.


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