Saturday, 4 August 2012

The five senses

It's all too easy to take our five senses for granted, and not appreciate how much they enrich our lives.

I was thinking about this yesterday after the storm, and how wonderful it was to be able to smell the wet earth.

As you're reading this, just stop for a few moments to appreciate what's around you, and tell me what you can hear, see, touch, smell and taste.

I'll start you off:

I can HEAR the whirring of the ceiling fan, a dog barking somewhere in the distance, the donkey next door moving about under the shade of a tree.

I can SEE out of the window a clear blue sky and brilliant sunshine,  the grapevine hanging heavy with fruit, the fig tree with lots of green figs, not yet ripe enough to pick.  Poppy stretched out on the cool floor sleeping deeply, and the breeze blowing the curtains.

I can TOUCH the keyboard on my laptop.  Isn't it amazing that this small machine can do so much?  Keep me in touch with family and friends. Enable me to access what's going on in the world from this remote village.  Watch TV, send emails and blog.

I can SMELL shepherds pie cooking in the oven and lavender furniture polish.

I can TASTE iced coffee which I just made with a spoonful of vanilla icecream floating on top...delicious!

Now it's your turn..................


  1. That is SUCH a lovely post, Ayak! A real antidote to taking the world for granted.

    I can hear (sadly) the constant hissing tinnitus that never leaves me, but also the tapping of the keys on my precious laptop.

    I can see the trees in the garden and up the hill and the amazing greenness of the grass after so much rain.

    I can smell the chili con carne cooking for supper. :-)

    I can touch the carved edge of my mother's old table which I use as a desk here in France.

    I can taste the remains of the long cold drink I've been enjoying.

    1. Thanks for joining in Perpetua. Great answers. I do sympathise with you having to suffer tinnitus. It must be very annoying to live with that constant hissing xxx

  2. Super post...anchoring us in reality.

    I can hear on the radio Kevin Pietersen massacring the South African bowling attack (and thanks to the commentators can 'see' it in my mind's eye).

    I can see the dogs snoozing on their chairs, the cactus flower folded up for daytime, pink and cream, outside the office window,the butterflies on the rats tail flowers underneath.

    I can touch the keyboard, a true key to my window on the bigger world, pat a dog who wonders anxiously when lunch might be forthcoming.

    I can smell the papaya flowers in the moist air.

    I can taste the passion flower drink, cool and orange, in the tall glass perilously near the computer.

    1. Thankyou Fly. It all sounds so exotic! Love the sound of the passion flower drink xx

  3. What an awesome it Ayak.

    I can hear the TV playing with the Olympics on.

    The aroma coming from the kitchen....I made "Biber Dolma" (Stuffed Peppers). Went to the Farmer's Market this morning and they had some nice light green peppers.

    I an hear my daughter talking with her friend on her cell phone.

    The buzzing of the A/C going through the house.

    The smell of my "Red Door" perfume that I had sprayed on myself earlier....and looking at my fire engine red nail polish that I just put on.

    I see out the window my lil' 12 year old neighbour he is terrorizing up and down the sidewalk with his new bike.

    I see "Alvin" the Chipmunk scurrying about, looking to see where my planted parsley is????? for his dinner in the garden.....:=(

    I can see out the window my Hibiscus flower hot, the geraniums and petunia's all in full bloom and colour....

    A gorgeous Red Cardinal hanging around my Crab Apple trees with another Cardinal but with a grey colour, which is the female.

    Other then that I can't stand the extreme humid heat that we are experiencing today....with warnings the city posted.

    ......have a great weekend.xxxx

    1. Thanks for joining in Erica. I see that chipmunk is still up to his tricks! The humidity is gradually building again here after the recent storm...horrible isn't it?

  4. I can hear only the buzzing of my desktop computer.
    I can see only the screen, the piles of mess around it and the blank wall in front of me.
    I can touch the hard plastic keys, and softness of my dressing go.
    I can smell the mustiness in the room and I can taste the dryness in my mouth.
    So... it's time to get dressed, make a cuppa and get out into my beautiful garden. It's also time I stopped using this old computer in this dark, musty study and buy a laptop. So thank you Ayak for your wonderful post (and the replies that followed) - it's inspired me !

    1. Hi Rosemary. Thankyou for taking part and I'm pleased this post has inspired you! If you are going to buy a laptop you might want to think about a Notebook. I got a Toshiba NB250 last year to replace my laptop and it's brilliant. The screen is big enough for me and the keyboard isn't small and it only weighs just over a kilo and I can pop it into my handbag and take it everywhere. xx

  5. As I was reading this I was thinking about what my senses aren't feeling too. It is 7 am on a silent Sunday and:
    I can't see the furthest green hills through the mist but there is a tiny bit of blue sky so hope for later
    I can smell a pineapple ripening on the windowsill
    I have just been touching the crochet I was doing last night that is on the chair next to me and admiring my handiwork
    I can hear the rain, a cross blackbird, and the kettle has boiled.
    Time to take a cup of tea back to bed to taste.

    1. Hi Rosie. Thankyou for adding your senses. I hope that the bit of blue sky is a sign that the rain will stop and the sun will appear later xxx

  6. I love this! It almost feels like I am sitting there with you :-)

    C x

  7. That's a lovely post, Ayak! It's true, I tend to take a lot of senses for granted, and forget to stop and smell the roses - literally :-)

    Love your Olympics post, too - it's so inspiring to watch these athletes who work so long and hard and who are so graceful.

    1. Thanks Deniz. I think we often take the simplest things for granted.

      It is really wonderful watching these athletes achieve their dreams isn't it? xx


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