Thursday, 13 September 2012

Last post...

...not the last post ever of course, but the last before I set off to England tomorrow, and the last one using my current netbook.

I am not confident that I'll actually be able to post it, because I have internet connection problems.  I lose my connection every couple of minutes.  It returns for a few minutes.  I type frantically, then it's gone again.   I have commented on here and also several other blogs, and lost everything before having a chance to post them.

In respect of my previous post, I'd just like to thank everyone again for the lovely comments.  I sometimes think perhaps I bare my soul a little too much on my blog.  I don't do it for sympathy, but because I find it extremely therapeutic  to write how I feel.   In a way it's a bit like talking to a therapist.  I get things off my chest, I put everything into perspective, which then enables me to lift myself out of depression.  The fact that there are lovely people out there who read my words and seem to understand, and are able to reassure me,  is always a pleasant surprise to me.  It's the icing on the cake.

So I'm off tomorrow for a hectic and tiring week, but one which will give me enormous pleasure as it always does.  Spending precious time with my daughter and grandsons makes my life complete.

My brother has my "new" netbook awaiting my arrival, and of course I will need to set it up and try to get used to an English keyboard again, after using a Turkish one for many years.  I doubt I will have much time to do this, let alone blog.

I'll be back on the 24th (providing my internet problem has been resolved by then!)


  1. Bon voyage, Ayak and have a wonderful time with your family. Looking forward to reading posts written on the new netbook. :-)

    1. Thanks Perpetua. Still popping in and out of here. TTNet inform me they are still working on the problem xx

  2. Have a wonderful time Ayak, recharge batteries etc and then when you get back, it will be a little cooler, some of the bugs will have gone,and you'll have your new net book. have a great week. Jx

  3. Have a great time...and good luck witht he new keyboard....I'm still having problems navigating between the desktop (Spanish) and the laptop (English)...but I would, wouldn't I!

    You're in for a hectic week...and I'm looking forward to the photographs...

    1. Thanks Fly. I hope the new netbook will let me upload photos, which the current one doesn't. xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks greygirl. I'll try to ring you when I'm there and if at all possible will try to arrange to meet up xxx

  5. Have a wonderful time! See you when you get back :-)

    C x

  6. Hope all goes well. Have a great time in England.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Hope you have a great time in the UK.

  8. Have a safe trip and a great time with your Family...and with those cutie Grandchildren of yours.
    Enjoy your new 'netbook'.....


  9. Have a great time with your grandsons and daughter Ayak..



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