Saturday, 29 September 2012

Proposed new law

Those of you on Facebook and who read the Turkish press will be aware of the proposed new law that the Government wishes to introduce to deal with the problem of stray dogs.

It is barbaric and people here (both Turkish and foreigners) are furious that this idea could even be contemplated.

There are demonstrations in most Turkish towns and cities tomorrow at 2pm.  You can read more in the link below and also help by signing the petition

We just cannot allow this to happen. 

Thankyou xx


  1. It shows a lack of any civilised values.

    Does anyone have contacts with holiday companies?

    1. The word is spreading amongst holiday companies Fly. Regular tourists to Turkey are signing petitions and stating that they will never set foot in the country again if this law is passed. The government must surely see what damage such action could do to the economy...even if they have no regard for animals.

      I had intended to attend the demo tomorrow but my leg is still giving me problems, and my back too now. I'd have got there somehow but Mr A has put his foot down and says that if there are a lot of people pushing and shoving I'll probably do myself more harm. Very frustrating. I'll be there in spirit though.

  2. "BARBARIC" is saying it lightly. Remember they did this massacre in Greece a few years uncivilized.
    I signed the petition last week, my sister in law sent it to me on Facebook.
    Well lets just hope they listen and see the petitions and maybe change their uncivilized and barbaric ways of thinking or solving problems...and to think these people actually run a country.

    Hope your leg is mending for the better. E. XX

    1. There was a good turnout for the demos Erica. Let's hope it helps x

  3. It is sad Ayak but other countries are unlikely to find this unusual as this is what happens in most European countries. Any dog whether it is a stray or not found roaming off the leash is taken to the pound and put down after a week unclaimed.

    1. Vicky. I could almost accept them being rounded up and humanely put to sleep. What I find difficult to grasp is the idea that they will just be dumped in an area from where there is no escape and no means to survive..just to suffer a long and lingering death.

  4. Where have all the stray dogs gone in your country? Turkey is just doing what your country did decades ago.

    1. TakeIt: welcome. It doesn't make it right though does it?

      If by "my" country, you mean the UK, can I please inform you that I am a Turkish citizen and have been for almost 15 years. This is my home. Not the UK.

      The UK did round up dogs decades ago as you say, but they were humanely destroyed..not left in an area with no escape to die suffering, just to sweep the problem under the carpet!

    2. Humanely destroyed? This is one of the most bizarre things I`ve ever heard. So even when you kill animals or people, it`s for a humane purpose, eh? Just like what you are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan...

      And what makes you think that the Turkish government will leave the dogs to starve in isolation? Do you have any proof to back that up, or do you just make stuff up ? Or maybe you suggest that Turkey should just kill those animals in a "humane" way?

    3. TakeIt. Humanely destroying animals who are sick, weak, lethal injection so that they die quickly and painlessly, is surely better than allowing them to die slowly of starvation to the point where they will try to eat each other to survive. You need to check your history as this is exactly what was done here in Turkey a 100 years ago. You only have to take a look at the so-called belediye shelters all over the country to see how dogs are "cared" for.

      This new law is just trying to sweep the problem under the carpet. Out of sight..out of mind. Of course I don't want any of the street animals destroyed, but from what I have seen of the attitude towards them, they would probably be better off dead.

      How would you justify the rape of dogs by men here? And that the new law thinks that just a fine will suffice as punishment? There is a hell of a lot of abuse of animals here, so I'm afraid I absolutely don't believe that dogs rounded up and placed into fenced off areas will actually be looked after.

      As for your comment about Iraq and Afghanistan. This bears no relevance whatsoever to my blog or me personally, so making comments like this does your argument no favours at all.

      Thankyou for your response.


    Here's further information about the protests. Unfortunately these demonstrations coincided with the AK party convention activities and every channel provided enthusiastic coverage of THAT. So there was a pathetic lack of coverage of any demonstrations against the proposed law.

    The drafters of this law will come to learn their mistake too late when the major urban areas are overrun by rats and mice. One walk down any town or city street will provide ample proof of the general lack of concern for proper waste disposal. As per tradition, stale bread is routinely left hanging in bags near garbage dumpsters, on fences or in trees. Trash is haphazardly placed near dumpsters (instead of inside). Shops and restaurants are not carefully monitored (meaning? at all) when it comes to refuse disposal. These and so many other conditions will allow the rodent population to gain a foothold.
    Since local authorities have long been negligent when it comes to applying sanitation codes nobody should be very surprised when rodent populations in the urban area explode once the stray cats and dogs have been removed.

    Having said that, I have to point out how many of the Greek islands have equally (worse) policies on stray animals. I read online where local residents in Samos (or Chios) were given poison by the local government offices in order to keep the stray population under control. Additionally the officials requested that locals dispose of any dead cats or dogs before the opening of tourist season.
    ( I admit however I don't know how true that is.)

    One further point. It is easy to draft laws but much harder to enforce laws that are not sensible. How they plan to enforce the law limiting the number of pets in a home will require neighbor to spy upon neighbor (with all of the trouble-making that entails). If not that, then will enforcement require the police to go from home to home to do "pet-checks"?

    In Turkey, there is a real need to punish those that abuse animals. The law was supposed to do that. Unfortunately legislators have taken what might have been a solution and made it both draconian and unenforceable.

    1. Hi Nomad. You are absolutely right. Most new laws in this country seem almost impossible to enforce. And I can't imagine that this law, if passed, will be any different.

      If you ask most Turks in cities, I think they would probably say that they do not want rid of the street dogs and cats because they keep the vermin under control. And this is a huge problem as you say. As for the restriction of the number of dogs that can be kept as pets...I don't have a clue how they can make this work!

      I think it was an unfortunate coincidence that the date for the demos coincided with the AK Party convention. There is another demo due to take place in Ankara next weekend by the way.

  6. TakeIt: I have no intention of publishing your latest comment ..or any subsequent comments from you..on my blog. My energy can be put to better use than wasting it on you.


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