Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A little bit of pampering

You may recall me telling you about the bad haircut I had shortly before my last trip to England in September.  It was one in a series of disastrous haircuts over the past year, and I was beginning to give up hope of ever finding a good hairdresser again.

Do you remember the salon I found before the bad haircut?  They were very busy at the time (a good sign) and couldn't fit me in.  So being impatient, I settled for another salon resulting in the bad haircut.

Today, Mr A and I were both in desperate need of a haircut, so we went into Milas.  He visited a barber and I went to the previously visited busy salon  and they were able to oblige.

 The hairdresser washed and cut my hair beautifully, just the way I wanted it.  I am delighted.  I also had my eyebrows and top lip sorted.  They are very into cottoning here, which can be a little painful, but it is quite effective.  At this salon they waxed,  cottoned, trimmed and plucked until they achieved perfection...not one tiny unwanted hair in sight.  And it didn't hurt one bit.

The total cost...22 lira (approx £7.60).  At last I have a decent hairdresser! 

I must tell you about the amazing cream I use for burns.   I'm always burning myself on the cooker, the iron and boiling water, as I did yesterday.

It's called Silverdin here in Turkey, but in the UK it's known as Silvadene . I first discovered this cream because it was given to me by Mehmet the vet for Beki.  During her last few weeks, she had a very bad skin disorder on her back.  The cream helped a little, but to be honest I think she was so ill then that nothing would have completely worked.

I remember googling it at the time, and as is frequently the case in Turkey, medication for humans is often used for animals.  I read then that it was supposed to be good for burns.  When  the tube was finished, I bought another one from the eczane, but never got around to using it, so kept it in the fridge for future use. 

I wish I had taken a photo of the blisters on my fingers yesterday, and again today to show you the results of using this cream. As soon as I had burned my fingers, I ran them under the cold tap, dried gently, spread the cream on the blisters and wrapped in sterile gauze (as per yesterday's photo). After about an hour the stinging subsided.

I removed the gauze this morning and there was no sign of blisters or redness, no pain...completely healed.  This stuff really works.

So if you're clumsy like me, I'd recommend keeping a tube of this miraculous cream handy.


  1. Great news about the hairdresser...I'm still dithering, having expected to be in London this year!

    I'll see if that cream is available here, where the old boys still use stuff prescribed for their animals...and not so old boys either.
    Mr. Fly had a lot of trouble with a sore knee after a fall and Danilo got him something designed for horses...
    which has fenilbutazone as its leading ingredient.
    It works wonders.
    I have back problems and a rub with this stuff gets rid of it asap.

    1. I dithered a bit too this morning Fly, expecting another disaster but I'm glad I took the risk.

      Now I'm going to see if I can get Flexogan here. I think it may be just what I need for my aches and pains. Thanks for the tip.

  2. £7.60 for all that! I couldn't get a dry trim here for that amount of money, Ayak. Sigh....

    Youf cream sounds excellent and I must check for it when we go back down south.

    1. It really is so cheap isn't it Perpetua? I don't think I could afford UK hairdressers these days.

  3. Wow, that's awesome, Ayak. I finally got my hair cut last week, and just for the cut and a blow dry, paid 70$!
    Hope your burns are healing well!

    1. People are often surprised at how cheap the hairdressers are here Deniz. Prices do vary of course. It's more expensive in tourist areas, but still not as expensive as other countries.

      My fingers have healed so well..back to normal now thankyou x

  4. Glad you found a new hairdresser and they made you look beautiful :-)...what a good price. For just my haircut and shampoo with tip I pay anywhere up to $90. plus sometimes....wax the eyebrows starts at $20. Maybe I should wait to hit Turkey for my next cut.

    1. It's certainly worth a visit to the hairdressers in your next trip Erica. My friend who lives in the UK but comes over several times a year to her apartment, always gets her hair done on her second day here, and then again before she leaves.

  5. I'll have to get the address of this hairdresser from you. Do they do pedicures too?

    1. Not sure BtoB..but most of them do don't they? Come over one day and I'll show you where it is. I'll let you have their telephone no so you can book beforehand, just in case xx


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