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Continuing with my interest in Spain, here is another guest post by my friend Marina at Destinia.  This one is about Granada...another city I would love to visit:

A tour around Granada and its tapas.

The city and province of Granada is located in the southern region of Andalucia, in Spain. Nestled between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the sea, this city is known for its culture, its ancient palaces and its generous servings of tapas.

Granada was one of the last Moorish kingdoms, and Moorish architecture is present in most ancient buildings, including the Palace of the Generalife, one of the city's main attractions. The Monasterio of the Cartuja is another city landmark, an ancient monastery.

The Alhambra is the city's main monument, a place visited by millions of tourists each year. This ancient Moorish palace has many gardens with fountains, tiled patios and towers that date from the Nasrid dynasty. Visitors can walk around the many gardens and take tours around the ancient Arabic palaces, where there are courtyards decorated with colourful tiles and rooms filled with ceramics and mosaics.

The city's Old Quarter is the historic center where the city's Santa María Cathedral is located. There are many chic restaurants and shops in this area, and visitors will be able to spend an afternoon visiting the many tapas bars in the area. Calle Oficios is one of the mains streets and is filled with many shops and handicraft stores.

The Basilica of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias is one of the city main churches, as is Granada's Cathedral. The cathedral was built after the conquest of Granada on the site on an ancient mosque. Inside the cathedral there is a large altar, several decorated chapels and a burial chamber where the Catholic Kings are buried. The cathedral is located in the city's Old Quarter, which has narrow cobbled streets and small traditional houses that have been converted into bars and restaurants.

After exploring this city visitors can try local tapas, which are small appetizers accompanying a drink. The tapas of this region are larger and vary from simple bread with olive oil and jamón ibérico ham bite to typical dishes from other regions. A typical night out starts with visiting several tapas bars and tasting the various tapas while enjoying a caña beer and a sangria. Many of these bars are located in the Realjo district.
Albaicín is a district located across from the Alhambra. This district is known for its traditional bars,
centered around the Plaza Large square, where visitors can enjoy a café con leche with pan con tomate in the mornings, gazpacho at lunch and many types of local tapas at dusk. The district is located on a hillside, and visitors can climb up to its highest point, the Plaza of San Nicolas, to enjoy views of the Alhambra and the city. The Mirador of San Nicolas, located in this district, is a large observation platform near the St. Nicholas Church.


Thankyou Marina.




  1. Granada is every bit as beautiful as you paint it here, Ayak, and there's still more for me to explore. I would also like to put in a little plug for my 'home' town of Alcala la Real, just north-west of Granada, which is beautiful too, gives tapas and has an arabic fortress with stunning views. Lots of character and lovely people!

  2. It sound wonderful Annie. I'm learning so much more about Spain now that Marina has agreed to do these guest posts.

    My first experience of Spain was almost 40 years ago..a holiday in Benidorm with my parents. I wasn't impressed. A few years later I visited Santa Pola. It was then a lovely fishing area and there was only one hotel (to my knowledge) in the town, and we stayed there. It felt like the "real" Spain and I loved it. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to return to Spain since then and I hope I get the chance some day.

  3. I'd hoped to visit Spain this year...but it fell through with a lot of other plans....
    Mr. Fly has loved Spain since he was a student there...he remembers the Costa beaches as being occupied by cactus and goats with the odd gypsy family living rough, so these posts take him back in time!

    1. I'm glad these posts are bringing back memories for Mr Fly. I'm enjoying them immensely. In fact if anyone here is interested in specific areas that haven't been mentioned yet, please let me know and I'll ask Marina to post on them.

      Maybe I should re-name this blog Turkish and "Spanish" Delight!

  4. I love Granada Ayak....I've only visited once, when my daughter was about 8, and she loved it too. I intend to return....and visit Annie too. Spain is a fabulous place, and even Benidorm has some delightful bits, if you avoid the obvious nasty bits ! Jx

    1. Oh lucky you Janice to have already been to Granada. I'm sure you will have a great time when you visit Annie. I do envy you.

      I'm sure I'm destined to go there some day..I've even been dreaming about it recently!

  5. Gorgeous! Would love to visit someday!

    1. And with your passion for travel Kelleyn, I'm sure you will!

  6. I've never even visited Spain,Ayak, so know very little about it, which means these guest posts are helping to enlighten my ignorance. :-)

    1. They're enlightening me too Perpetua. A country that for a long time didn't have a place on my list, is now very much at the top. There are more posts to come, which I am looking forward to.


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