Thursday, 15 November 2012

Leave well alone!

All I wanted to do was to change the photo at the top of my blog.

I did that without any problem, and should have left well alone.  But then I decided that the font for the blog title should be changed...and that's when the problems started.

Don't ask me how I did it, but two or more hours ago my sidebar disappeared.  I searched for all the stuff posted on the sidebar and eventually found it all at the bottom of the page.

In the meantime I somehow managed to reduce the font size and the background.

Eventually I clicked and dragged all the stuff from the bottom of the page back onto the sidebar...every link and by one.   I'm surprised my mouse hasn't died in the process.

I returned to the template advanced settings and tried to change the font size again....can't do it!  And now my brain hurts.  My eyes hurt too because I'm squinting to read the ridiculously small font size.

So if anyone else is also squinting, I apologise but at this point in time I haven't a clue what I'm doing, so I'd best leave it as it is before I end up deleting the whole blog.

Edited to add I gave it one more shot and have managed to increase the font size...but can't change the colour.  Now I am definitely going to leave well alone!


  1. Did you use the template designer? You will find the fonts under "Page" I think. You can change the size and stuff there.
    I went to a net cafe and for a whim I checked out my blog and was shocked to see how long it took to load and the whole thing looked incredibly large.. like it was for children.
    I like the new look actually. And anyway, what really matters is the content, right?

    1. Nomad...I THINK I used template designer. I THINK I looked under page. To be honest I'm not sure what I did. But the final attempt, after doing this post, allowed me to increase the font size, but nothing else. Actually it's OK now. Of course the content matters...but wouldn't count for much if it was too small to read!

  2. I leave well alone too.
    I was trying a new background on Blogger...and suddenly the whole page expanded, then I pressed something and it reduced itself to near invisibility.
    Talk about Alice and the cake!

    Poor Dash on French Sampler nearly lost her entire blog...I still don't know if she has it back under control yet.

    1. I am not touching it again Fly. I hate this new Blogger system. It was so much easier before...even we could manage it couldn't we?

    2. Well, with a bit of help from my friends....!
      Yes, I detest the new Blogger...and trying to link to an old post is a complete pain in the proverbial...i could see the earlier posts so easily before...but not now.
      i'm chugging along with Wordpress...but don't like it at all. Nothing is clear!

    3. Fly, I find Wordpress even more confusing, if that's possible. The fact that so many people are complaining about the Blogger changes, you would think would make them revert to the old system wouldn't you?

  3. Oh, no! I wish I'd known you were planning to do that, Ayak, as I could have warned you not to.

    Ever since we all had to use the new Blogger dashboard people have been having problems changing their template. I found that out when I had a different problem and went to the Google product forums for help, only to find masses of irate bloggers, all complaining about their templates getting messed up and changes not saving. Sigh....

    I don't make many changes and have decided to keep my template exactly as it is, but I know plenty of people enjoy tweaking their template and are getting very frustrated.

    PS Speaking purely personally, I very much prefer black to coloured text, as coloured text on a coloured background is sometimes really hard to read with my poor eyesight.

    1. I should have asked you first Perpetua. I guess I'm lucky to have not made it all much worse. And yes I agree the black text on white background is better. You should have seen the text before my last attempt at changing it though...impossible to read.

    2. We looked at various blogging platforms before we started ours and I think I am happy that we chose Wordpress. Commenting on Blogger blogs seems to be a hit and miss process for us.

    3. Yes omentide, as you know I have problems commenting on your blog sometimes too. It would seem that the two aren't really compatible.

  4. You are very brave to attempt to do the things that you did.
    You can see by my old fashioned blog page and settings that I cannot do things on my own and help is hard to come by these days so it will have to stay as it is.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

    1. More stupid than brave I think Maggie! I won't be messing around with it anymore xx

  5. I just stay frozen with my page ....I messed up once so I don't touch anything. Sometimes I ask my daughter, she's pretty good at fixing my messes.
    This new Blogspot won't let me change any template settings at all....for some reason. :-( I read directions on what some people post to do and nothing ....just freezes. I also find that I have to go to Google Chrome to post or read anyone's Blogs otherwise it's like trying to put a page down in snail speed.

    Anyways you are a brave 'girl' trying to redesign your Blog... :-)
    Take care....XXXX

    1. Not brave at all Erica! I only wanted to change the header photo...and it was downhill from then on


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