Thursday, 6 December 2012

Blogging from Istanbul airport

The flight set off from Bodrum in the middle of a storm this morning..not pleasant at all.  There was so much turbulence that the cabin crew remained belted into their seats for the entire flight, so we had no refreshments.  It was like some kind of scary ride at Alton Towers.  Not something I'd like to repeat any time soon.

So I have 6 hours in Istanbul airport to calm down before the next stage of my journey.  I have wandered about, logged in to the internet with my dongle, had a couple of coffees in Starbucks and bought my duty frees.  Still nearly 3 hours to go < sigh >

I have doubts now about the dentist I found in Milas this week.  I thought he was very thorough. He did ask many questions about my health, one of which concerned allergies.  I informed him of my allergy to penicillin which was duly noted.

I was concerned about my bottom front teeth and gums as they had been sore for some days. I suggested I might need antibiotics because I had something similar a couple of years ago and antibiotics cleared it up.  He didn't agree and  prescribed anti-inflamatories and a mouthwash, but it didn't improve.  In fact it got gradually worse.  I had an appointment for a scale and polish on Tuesday but because I had bashed my knee I couldn't walk too well, so I cancelled and said I would be in touch to arrange all the treatment on my return from England at the end of the month.

Last night my teeth and gums were throbbing and I was getting quite anxious about having to find an emergency dentist the minute I set foot in England.  There was a storm last night and torrential rain.  However, Mr A phoned the dentist in Milas and said he wanted to come over to collect antibiotics.  He mentioned again my allergy to penicillin and I suggested erythromycin which I have had before, and which is commonly used by dentists for mouth infections.   He had never heard of it (I did give him the Turkish version so he should have).

Anyway Mr A (bless his heart) set off in this extreme weather on the motorbike to collect my tablets. When he reached the eczane he phoned the dentist so that they could determine what I needed.  Mr A phoned me to say that they didn't have erythromycin but suggested something else, plus a different mouthwash.

When the drowned rat Mr A returned, I opened the bag to find that the antibiotics were in fact...penicillin.  Not only that but the mouthwash is entirely unsuitable for my problem.  I checked it out on the internet and also with Mr A's sister who is a doctor.  So now I'm uncertain about this dentist, and may well consider going back to the one I found last year in Bodrum.

Not to be deterred Mr A set off again to Milas early this morning, returning the mouthwash and exchanging the penicillin for another antibiotic.

It made me stop and think about that comment recently.  You know the one?  About Mr A bringing nothing to the relationship?  

Well now...I am in desperate need of a cigarette and I have discovered a smoking area here in the airport.  It's not widely publicised...being at the far end of the building, up an escalator, round the back of a restaurant, and out on a terrace overlooking the runway.  But it will do just fine for now.


  1. Aww, he's so gallant! Hope you had a good flight. :-)

  2. Mr A is pure gold, Ayak, so ignore anyone who says otherwise. I do hope your next flight is calm and the new medicine does the trick.

  3. That's so nice of Mr. A.....he really cares a lot for you.
    Have a safe flight....and hopefully none of that turbulence.
    I hate flying and going to Turkey is a straight 12 hours for us....UGH!
    Enjoy your trip XXX

  4. That is really sweet!

    But if you have an allergy to Penicillin, it might be worth familiarising yourself with all the penicillin-containing antibiotics (in English and in Turkish). That way you will be able to protect yourself from medical errors... In the UK, prescribing pencillin containing antibiotics to people with allergies to penicillin is a non uncommon clinical incident.

  5. Hope the rest of your journey was better! Sounds like a scary experience, your flight from Bodrum to Istanbul. When I read abour your sitting around Istanbul airport it feels like being there. :) (If you mean Ataturk, by the way. Sometimes we´ve changed flights at Sabiha Gökcen aswell.) I have spent some nights there, waiting for the next flight to Stockholm. Last time in the beginning of november.
    I hope you will have no problem with your teeth during your stay in England! Have a really nice stay!/ Gisela

  6. Mr A has a heart of gold.
    Hope the gum problem gets eliminated soon. Surely smoking is really bad for the teeth/gums!!!!!!!!
    Hope the next flight is much more comfortable.
    Hope you are bringing your wellies!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  7. Just a quick response,not much time today, having spent some time at the dentist this morning (more of that later)...not a good start to my visit here!

    Thanks everyone for your comments, and sorry I haven't time to reply individually today xxxx


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