Sunday, 17 March 2013

A great new blog

Thanks to Annie at BacktoBodrum, who shared the link on her Facebook page, I have also discovered a new blogger.

Westy lives in Antalya, and writes about his experiences of Turkey in his blog MANTALYA

He started blogging in February, so it's easy to go back to the beginning and read up to date.

It's a great blog, and one I'm sure my followers would enjoy.


  1. Thank you for your kind comments Ayak:)

  2. Will look into this Blog.....thanks for bringing it up for our attention. Hope all is well with you and your garden full of your new furry family.

    take care....XX

    I'll be in Turkey for a month sometime between April 13 to around May 15th....not sure where yet.??? Planning on going to several cities and towns and not just hang around my sister in laws hopefully....b/c my husband might renovate the apartment in Izmir and that will be boring.

    1. The blog is well worth a look Erica.

      I will be in England from 20th to 30th April, but you never know...maybe we will get the chance to meet when I return. If you are over near Milas or Bodrum, it could be arranged.

  3. Thanks for the link really enjoyed what Westy has to say about life here in Turkey.


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