Sunday, 17 March 2013


Dogs love bones.   Anyone who has a dog will probably already know that you shouldn't give dogs cooked bones as they tend to splinter.  They can get stuck in the throat or cause damage to internal organs.   All raw bones are fine, including chicken bones, which are actually very soft in their raw state and are rich in calcium.  Bones are very good for dogs' teeth, providing they are not larger than the mouth of the dog, in which case they can damage the teeth.

We have a butcher in Milas who occasionally gives us big bags of bones which we dish out to the street dogs.  Megan and Sammy (and the other dog who visits occasionally) are enjoying these treats.

Small dogs can't really cope with bones, in my experience, so Poppy doesn't have them.  She has a supply of chewsticks instead.  She has tried the odd small bone in the past but will throw up a couple of hours later...usually on the shagpile carpet...urghh!

When I first started feeding Megan and Sammy it was a bit of a struggle.   I tried to feed them apart, but before I could put the food down, Sammy would knock the bowl out of my hand and Megan would jump straight in to eat it...I would then give Sammy Megan's bowl, but Megan would start to fight with him for it.  Poor dogs were so used to having to scavenge and fight for food because they never knew when they would eat again.

They are getting better now.  They know they will be fed so there's less fighting.

Today I gave them a couple of bones each and they went to opposite ends of the garden to chew on them.  While this is going on I keep Poppy on the balcony with the gate closed.  I don't want to take any risks.  Although they get on very well with Poppy, there could be a problem with their possessiveness over food.

Sometime later, when Mr A and I were drinking coffee on the balcony and Poppy was out in the garden with the others,  she suddenly trotted up the balcony steps with a large bone in her mouth, looking very pleased with herself.  Clearly she had helped herself to one of the bones, and neither Sammy nor Megan had stopped her.  We hadn't noticed any of this.   I wish I had had my camera ready.  There she was proudly holding her bone, with the other two dogs sitting below the balcony calmly watching her.  It was so funny.

She is very much in charge of these two big dogs.  When she barks, they bark.  When she rushes to the do they.

I didn't have the heart to take the bone away from her so allowed her to chew on it for half an hour, then removed it when she wasn't looking.  Sure enough an hour or so later, she threw up all over the carpet.   No more bones for Poppy I'm afraid.


  1. I love the idea that Poppy is in charge. Jx

    1. So do I Janice and it's so funny to watch! x

  2. ...ahhh poor Poppy with the bones, my German Shepherd use to vomit after bones. The Husky would devour the whole bone and you couldn't come near her, her wolf instincts attitude would come out and then show me her teeth, which one time she kind of bit my face.But I asked for it.
    Funny that wee Poppy is the 'Boss".
    Take care. XX

    1. Poppy found another bone again today Erica...and chewed on it before I realised...hence another bout of vomiting! Yes she is definitely the boss around here.


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