Monday, 4 March 2013

Dogs, Cats, Phone and Internet

Today is Day 10 of constant problems with my internet connection.  (Last month the same problem lasted 9 days).

Today is Day 4 without a phone line (last month it was dead for 6 days).

The internet just cuts out every few minutes.  Occasionally I have connection for a few hours, but the problem persists.

I have phoned TTNet every day, sometimes several times a day.  I have been civil, even pleasant, and resorted to shouting a couple of times. Nothing seems to work.  All they do is tell me they will put a report into the engineers.  And then...nothing.  It's very frustrating.

The cats continue to use their house in the garden. We've had some rain over the past couple of days so they are pleased to have somewhere to sleep as well as food.

When I posted on Thursday about the two dogs that I am feeding, Megan and Sammy, I felt that we would have support from our neighbours.  They said they would save their scraps for me to feed them.  Nothing has been forthcoming.  Mr A asked the shepherdess to share Sammy's food with Megan and we would do the sameand share Megan's with Sammy.   She agreed.  She lied.  Sammy is clearly starving so I doubt she is feeding him anything.  Mr A mentioned it to her yesterday.  She just replied that she will eat food herself before considering the dog.  Clearly she's happy to accept him being fed by me.


I had a lovely comment from a vet in Bodrum on my last post:

"Hi Ayak.
Sounds like you are doing a great job. Would it be possible to bring Megan into PetHane vet in Bodrum to have her neutered so we can break the puppy cycle? There would be no charge to you except bringing her in and home again. Let me know if this works for you off line.
I don't know him and have never used PetHane, so I was delighted at his generous offer.   However, there is no way we can get Megan into Bodrum.  We only have a motorbike.  She won't be allowed on the bus, and Mr A has asked around the village to see if someone with a car would be willing to take her.  No-one is interested.   Even if they agreed they would want paying for it, but no-one will allow a street dog into their car.  We just cannot afford to pay for transport at the moment.
Sammy and Megan failed to appear at the gate at all on Friday, and didn't arrive until late Saturday evening.  They were starving.  I fed them almost three times the amount I usually give and they demolished it within minutes.  I wonder if their absence, or Megan's specifically, means that she does still have the pups hidden away somewhere and is feeding them.  If this is the case, I wouldn't want to take her away for neutering just yet, in case the pups still need her.  So it does give me a little time hopefully to come up with a solution.
We have one idea.  We may make a safe area for the dogs behind our house.  We have an old brick built outside toilet, which is half demolished.  It could be converted into a kennel.   Megan and Sammy could come and go and consider it their home. (I know Sammy belongs to the shepherdess, but if she can't look after him, we will)    I will then address the issue of neutering when it's possible to organise it.
I feel quite sad and disillusioned today.  Sometimes I feel optimistic about the villagers and think we have made a breakthrough with their attitude towards animals.  But it seems they just don't care.


(Note for John at Pethane, in case you read this post.  I have emailed you at If this is not the correct address, please let me know and I will forward my email again)


  1. Oh yes...the nod of agreement to get rid of you and the callous disregard of the animal once your back is turned.
    Sickening but all too common.

    1. Spot on Helen. Well we are taking Sammy on as well as Megan, so Mr A will inform the shepherdess tomorrow. If she objects she will have me to face. I will not allow her to keep this dog that she clearly refuses to care for.

  2. It's tough isn't it! The Thai's didn't really 'get' our attitude to animals either and couldn't understand why I got so upset when we visited a zoo that had animals kept on very short chains!

    I think your doing a great job!

    C x

    1. Carol, we are a bit soft about animals compared with other nations I admit.

      What I'm doing is a drop in the ocean, but every little helps.

  3. This is sad Ayak... but good to hear about the contact you now have with the vet in Bodrum...perhaps something positive may come from that. Jx

    1. Yes it is sad Janice, but all too common here I'm afraid. I'm hearing good things about the Bodrum vet. Both Mr A and I have made some progress today in finding possible solutions...more in my next update

  4. It is really sad & I don't know how people can be so cruel to animals. It does happen here too.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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