Saturday, 23 March 2013

Two's company, three's a crowd.

..and it seems that it applies to these three dogs.

Mr A took them for a run up the hill yesterday, and after an hour or so, Sammy and Megan came running back into the garden. Blondie, however, was very reluctant and sat outside the gate. After much coaxing I managed to get her to come in, but she was clearly not happy.

Megan and Sammy have become very territorial and they are bullying her constantly. It rained last night, and the two of them went into their shelter, but Blondie stayed outside. I was up and down all night trying to reassure her but nothing was working.

The neutering ops were postponed yesterday.  We had storms on Thursday night and torrential rain. The lanes were just deep mud so it was impossible for Mehmet to get his van up here to collect the dogs.  He is going to do the ops next Friday, including Blondie if possible.

This morning I fed all three, and even when they had finished and the bowls removed, Megan still attacked Blondie.

I was busy in the house for about half an hour, then when I went outside there was no sign of Blondie anywhere. Mr A and I thoroughly examined the entire perimeter fencing and we cannot see how she managed to escape. But I guess if she was desperate to get out she would find a way.

Clearly, she doesn't want to be here. I can't force her, even though I'd be happier if they would just all get along. She's been gone all day.  No sign of her anywhere.    I think I have to just accept that she doesn't want to be here.  Sadly, some street dogs just want to stay on the streets.

She has had her vaccinations. I will continue to feed her if/when she turns up...outside the gate if she refuses to come in, and if it is possible to catch her to get her spayed, I will do my utmost to achieve this.

In the meantime, both Megan and Sammy have calmed down and are relaxing in the sunshine  No fighting...just happy to be here.

I'm so sad about Blondie but what else can I do?   I suppose sometimes you just have to accept that some things are just not meant to be.


  1. it is sad...since you so much want to help her. As you've discovered with Blondie, I've discovered with street people...some need/want help...others are very happy just being where they are

    1. It's true Theanne. I guess two happy dogs out of three isn't bad x

  2. Since they are all very new it is difficult to form a pack at this early stage but as the packleader you should be the boss and not Megan. So much for theory...

    You are doing a marvelous job and I was wondering if you could get into contact to some organisations that arrange for stray dogs to get a family in the UK or somewhere else in Europe. I got my dog from the canaries e.g.

    1. Hi Johanna. Putting the theory into practise is a different thing entirely! I am becoming the pack leader more each day. Sammy is a jumper..but I've got him to stop and also to come when he's called. Megan is actually more obedient surprisingly, at least as far as obeying me is concerned...she just attacks Blondie for no reason. If I witness it I grab her by the scruff of the neck and she stops...however once I'm out of sight she starts again. Blondie really hates being enclosed. Even when they were getting along OK she is ready to escape as soon as the gate is open.

      As far as overseas adoption is concerned, I already support the Turkish Animal Group here, who do arrange this. Because of the vast number of strays, their shelter is fit to bursting, with many dogs still awaiting adoption. So much so that they also go out every day to feed 50 or 60 dogs on the streets, because they can't accommodate any more.

      It's wonderful when dogs find new homes, but there are also dogs needing adoption in the UK and Europe too, and I do sometimes wonder if people should look at this option before adopting from abroad. This is absolutely no criticism of you, because I admire anyone who goes to so much trouble to help a needy dog. I hope you understand what I mean.

      The enormous problem here can only be resolved by the Government really enforcing the law which currently exists, for all local authorities to remove dogs from the streets, neuter and return. It's working well in a few areas but sadly lacking in others. The Government want to just remove all the dogs and dump them out of sight...a totally cruel and heartless solution, and there have been recent demos across the country condemning this.

      Thanks for your comment Johanna, and apologies for it prompting such a lengthy response xx

  3. I'm sorry that Blondie just can't bring herself to accept her new home, Ayak, and that Megan made it harder for her, but at least you tried. I've seen the same thing hap[pen when trying to introduce another cat to a couple of well-settled ones. Animals are very possessive of their territory and people.

    1. They are Perpetua. It does upset me though. Still no sign of her (I keep going up the lane to check). Can't do anything else really.

  4. It's same sex rivalry, isn't it, as well as territory.
    Poppy isn't involved as she has her area and is clearly top dog, but Megan doesn't want a female rival.
    Blondie will probably be back for food....and with Megan spayed that may make a difference.

    Don't get do everything you can.

    1. Yes it is Helen. It's also interesting that Poppy has been more confident today, out playing with Megan and Sammy, but for the couple of days Blondie was here, Poppy didn't leave the safety of the balcony.

      I suppose it's better to have 3 happy dogs than 4 unhappy ones.

      I won't give up on Blondie, even if it's only to feed her...if she returns that is.

  5. It is sad when dogs get bullied like that. Poor Blondie. You did all you could for her and no need to feel guilty at all.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Thankyou for the reassurance Maggie..just what I need right now xxxx

  6. Thanks Ayak for your elaborate reply. I agree that it is a double-edged sword importing dogs from those countries that treat them atrociously. Focus should be on these countries policies towards dogs, neutering and health-care. But then I am also strictly against buying one of the degenerated so called purebreds from breeders that have succeeded in the past decades in almost halving a dog's lifetime and adding the various afflictions by breeding with extremely confined genepools.

    Since there are no stray dogs in Germany I am getting my dogs from animal shelters or private organisations. It so happened that my latest dog originated from La Palma.

    As you know we have many Turkish citizens living and working in Germany, plenty of them keeping dogs and treating them well. They might be a good source to help dog's plight in their country. - Will have to give this some further thought...

    Regarding pack management, I saw plenty of videos recently on youtube by Cesar Millan and although I am not a fan of all his methods and approaches, he certainly is a very able packleader. You might find him useful trying to manage your little family.

    Sammy at least looks like he has some hardworking livestock guardian dog ancestors and will need plenty of activity once his focus on surviving shifts.

    I wish you luck and patience and will follow as usual. Excuse my english, it has been deteriorating for the past year since I cut down my presence on english speaking forums.

    1. Johanne thank you very much for responding again, and I'm reassured to know that you agree with me that the health and welfare of dogs should be the responsibility of the government of that country. How fortunate to live in a country like Germany who have clearly alleviated the problem.

      There are many Turks who are very concerned about animal welfare of course, but I can imagine that those living abroad in countries where people care about dogs, must be influenced by this and help in changing their attitudes towards dogs.

      I am in total agreement with you on breeding. In fact it absolutely disgusts me that there are Turks here breeding pedigrees for sale, when clearly the object of the exercise is simply money, with no consideration for the animals.

      I have recently heard of Cesar Milan, and will search for some more info...thanks for that.

      Sammy is a very strong dog, and yes he will certainly need plenty of exercise (You should see the steep hill at the back of the house where my husband takes really wears him out...and my husband!)

      Thankyou again for your response, it's most welcome. And certainly no apologies necessary for your's perfect! xxx

  7. I too hope Blondie is ok, but think you have done such a brilliant job with Megan and Sammy, you shouldn't beat yourself up about her... lets hope Helen is right and post spaying, Megan's attitude might change. Continued good luck with it all Ayak, you really are doing an incredible job. Jx

    1. Thanks Janice. Still no sign of her which is quite upsetting. Megan is so bossy, particularly when it comes to food. Sammy is bigger than her but he still does as she tells him. (Well women are always the boss aren't they?). I hope she'll change a bit after spaying.


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