Monday, 13 May 2013

Confusion, Contracts and Cow hooves?

At my age confusion pretty much comes with the territory, although being married to Mr A does tend to exacerbate the problem.  He's not one for lengthy explanations.  I have to drag bits and pieces out of him over a period of time in an effort to establish a complete picture.

The Vodafone bill is still appearing online as being due for payment.  Mr A says "don't worry, I'm sorting it out".  That comment fills me with dread.  Mr A sorting things out usually means that they don't get sorted out and I end up dealing with the mess.  That's men for you.

Keeping his options open as far as jobs are concerned, seems to be working in Mr A's favour (well sooner or later something has to).  He is still in Yalikavak with the unpredictable boss, who it would seem is becoming less so, inspiring more confidence in Mr A.  Whether this confidence is misguided remains to be seen...only time will tell.

He has used the job offer from the hotel in Gumbet as a bargaining tool with the Yalikavak boss, who knows Mr A from previous years, and is well aware of his potential when it comes to selling.  Mr A is sick of working on commission only and over the past two days has told the boss that either he is paid a salary or he will take up the other job.  It seems to have worked.  As from today Mr A is on a monthly salary.   Now we just have to wait and see whether he is actually paid it....forever the pessimist...that's me.

You're probably wondering why I mentioned cow hooves?  It's to do with the dogs.   In my experience in rescuing street dogs over the years, I have learned that you can take the dogs out of the streets, but you can't take the streets out of the dogs.  It doesn't matter that they are well fed and cared for, they will still scavenge for food.  Don't read further if you have a weak stomach.  When I walk up the hills with them, they eat sheep poo.  They find old bones, and I have no idea from which animal they originated.  The dogs aren't fussy...they'll chew on anything.

After a run yesterday, all three arrived at the gate and Megan in particular looking rather pleased with herself.  In her mouth was what appeared to be a cow's hoof.  Well to be honest, I'm not an expert on could be cow, sheep or donkey for all I know.  But it was definitely a hoof. 

After a bit of a tussle, Sam gained the hoof and went off to bury it in the dog area.  Megan sulked a bit but had to put up with a chewstick..not nearly so enjoyable of course.

I have a memory of a dog we rescued and re-homed in Cappadocia who once turned up with an entire sheeps intestine.  It was disgusting, and I couldn't get rid of the smell for weeks.  So a hoof doesn't seem so bad after all.


  1. The pet shop round the corner sells cow hooves and my son's dogs have them regularly. They smell a bit though!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Do they really Maggie? How interesting. This one smells awful too.

  2. Dogs love hooves. When the farrier came to shoe the horses, the dogs would be in seventh heaven collecting up all the hoof shavings.
    Fingers crossed for Mr A's salary.

    1. Well I never knew about this until Maggie mentioned it/ You learn something new every day!

      Thanks BtoB x

  3. Cossetted pet dogs in the UK are just the same, Ayak, as my sister would tell you. Her well-fedd and much-loved beagle would scavenge anything she could find, however smelly and disgusting. I think it must be instinctive.

    I do hope the new job situation works out for Mr A. I find it incredible that he's not sure whether a promised salary will actually be paid.

    1. It's not a nice dog habit Perpetua, but I guess we tolerate it because we love them.

      I'm afraid we have had too many incidents of salaries not being paid. No wonder I'm always so pessimistic.


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