Saturday, 11 May 2013

Night and Day

I'm fast becoming nocturnal.  My body clock is all over the place.  I blame it on the dogs.  The heat of the day makes them sleep, and they do very little else.  By the time evening arrives and it's cooler, they wake up.  And they bark...and bark...and bark...on and off all night long.  The neighbours don't seem bothered.  Sevke has got used to them, and like most Turks seems able to sleep through anything.  Dursune is actually pleased they bark, because she came outside the other night when the barking was particularly furious to discover that a fox was hovering around her chicken coop.  The dogs scared it off.

So for the past week or so, I'm sleeping mostly during the day when it's quiet.  Although to be fair, they don't bark EVERY night.  Sometimes they stop around midnight and then I don't hear a peep out of them until the sheep go past at 6am.

I don't think it will last. Nights are going to get much hotter soon, so I don't think they'll have the energy.  I certainly seem to have run out of energy at the moment.

Since I arrived back home on 30th April, I haven't set foot outside of the garden.  Admittedly having arrived home with a dose of flu, I didn't much feel like going out for the first week.  The problem is that the longer I put off going out, the worse it gets.  I get to the stage where I can't be bothered to make the effort.  Then I reach a point, like today, when I know that if I don't escape for a few hours I will end up being agoraphobic.

I twisted my foot yesterday...the same foot containing the toe I damaged 6 weeks ago (which is still painful).  I reckon if I'm going to keep doing this, it's best that it's always the same foot.  At least then I still have one good one.  My ankles have always been quite weak, but they do seem to be getting worse.  It's almost like they're made of jelly.

It was painful all night, but didn't stop me sleeping...the dogs did that.  I could just about hobble about on it this morning, so after a couple of hours I decided to go into Milas to get a support bandage.  While I was there I popped into see Mehmet the vet.  I owed him some money from just before I went to England so was anxious to settle up.  Not that he is ever in a hurry to collect payment, but I don't like owing money.  We had a chat about the barking at night and he thinks that if it continues I should let them out to roam the hills and village.  He thinks it's probably what they would prefer to do if they can't sleep, so maybe I'll give it a try.

I bought my bandage, did a little shopping then caught the dolmus back to the village.  It was pretty full as usual and when we turned off the main road onto the village road, we were flagged down by a little old lady with a walking stick, accompanied by a middle-aged woman who I guess may have been her daughter.  She hoisted the old lady onto the bus and then proceeded to load the gangway with what I'm sure were  all of the old lady's possessions.  I counted 11 large, full, black plastic sacks, 4 carrier bags, two holdalls and a large suitcase.   The woman then left and once the old lady was seated, the journey continued...and as is batted an eyelid at all this stuff which was more than waist high and blocked the entire gangway, preventing anyone from getting out.

I'm thinking "please let her be getting off the bus before I do or goodness knows how I'm going to get out of here".   She didn't of course, and when I reached my stop, I stood up, with my shopping.  The automatic door opened, and no-one moved.  Well they couldn't actually move.  There was no way I could even attempt to climb over all this baggage, without the risk of flying head first out of the bus.

I did the Turkish exaggerated shrugging of the shoulders and waving of arms until a man at the back of the bus came to my rescue....well rather he climbed to my rescue.  He unloaded half of the stuff, leaving a tiny path for me out of the door.  Phew!

I'm glad I made the effort to go out though.  A trip into Milas isn't exactly exciting, but it's always interesting!


  1. It is always good to get out.

    It is always bad to fall over.

    We are fortunate, the arka köpekler do not bark much at night!

    1. We have dogs barking all over the village at night omentide. This is the problem. If my dogs hear one barking they feel they must join in. They are just communicating with each other I guess...they don't care whether it's day or night!

  2. That last incident was all you needed with a twisted ankle.
    Tempted to take a pole ready for pole vaulting next time?

    1. Yes Helen, a pole is a good idea, plus a cushion for a soft landing!

  3. So sorry you have been sick and have a bum foot and ankle. I have jelly ankles too! I feel for you! They hurt! Always have!

    1. Oh another one with jelly ankles Kelleyn. It's such a nuisance isn't it?

  4. Seems an exciting trip! Though all those bags....... I suppose its like the saying, *When in Rome do as the Romans do*.
    Although I'm no good in excessive heat..... over here it is freezing again. I've just taken off a blouse & put on a sweater.

    Hoping you get over the flu & that the dogs stop barking & let you sleep.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Nothing really surprises me about dolmus journeys these days Maggie. It's certainly never boring!

  5. I know what you mean about forcing yourself to go out, Ayak. Since we were snowed-in for so long, I've almost become a hermit. :-) Your trip to Milas did at least have the virtue of being a bit different, if not in the best of ways.

    Letting the dogs out at night if they won't settle sounds like a good idea, if you're happy they will come home agian afterwards.

    1. I'm quite confident that they will return home Perpetua. Although having said that, I haven't tried it yet. Something is holding me back. We'll see x


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