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After being promised an investigation by Vodafone earlier this week, into my dispute over the bill and the complaints against their representatives, I called them on Wednesday to check on progress.  They had done absolutely nothing, and I still kept getting reminder messages about the unpaid bill.   They then informed me that even though I had given them all this information, I would have to repeat it all again in writing for them to take action.  Fine.  I said I would get this done and post to them as a matter or urgency.

Early  the following morning (yesterday), I attempted to phone Mr A.  Not possible.  Vodafone had blocked outgoing calls and text messages.  Great.  So much for customer service.   I had half written the letter to them, and was about to complete it and post today by express delivery.   I'm not going to bother.  What's the point?  They can chase me for the unpaid bill and take me to court if necessary.

In the meantime, I have a new sim card from Turkcell, on pay as you go, which has now been activated.  I am back to where I was before and I'm happy with that.  Only one thing though...all the campaigns giving free calls and texts which I took advantage of before, being a longstanding customer with Turkcell, are not available to me now.  I am of course being treated as a new customer. Big lesson learned!

Mr A is now in permanent employment (well as permanent as it can be here).  After the job with Suleyman didn't work out, he then went to a hamam in Yalikavak. I mentioned before that he was having problems taking his commission from the boss and this problem continued.  Eventually he squeezed the money out of him with threats and set off to work at his third option...a hotel hamam in Gumbet.  Touch wood, this seems to be OK at the moment.  He has been there for 4 days and no problems.  Although it's still commission only, he has been given a contract and his insurance will be paid.  The boss has given him free reign, and he has resolved some existing problems with the hamam such as hygiene, staff clothing, etc, making the hamam cleaner and more professional.  The boss is extremely pleased with this.    Fingers crossed this one will last.

This week I have managed to make two large pots of apricot jam with some of the fruit from our land in the village.  Also some apricot puree which is great over icecream or yogurt, or mixed with soda or lemonade as a refreshing drink.  

Our tomato plants are like a jungle and we've had to cut them back to prevent them taking over the garden.  Last year's crop wasn't too impressive.  There were plenty of tomatoes but they seemed a bit tough.  So I decided to start using some of the green tomatoes and  this week  I have made seven jars of green tomato chutney.  It's delicious.

The dogs continue to thrive.  Megan is an absolute softy and very obedient.  This is helped by the fact that she is in the garden and balcony and I have more control over her.   Sammy and Blondie, although having settled well and are clearly  happy, are a little more difficult to train because they are in the area at the back of the house.  They need to have more human contact, so within the next few weeks we will be placing fencing along the driveway cutting off the part of the garden that we want to keep dog-proof.  Once this is done, they will be allowed in here with Megan and Poppy.  The gate to the area at the back of the house will remain open and they can come and go as they please.

Blondie is getting bigger.   And continues to grow.  She may not end up as big as the  huge kangal in the photo I showed in a previous post, but she is going to be VERY tall.
Blondie when she first arrived

Blondie now


  1. I have been looking forward to photos of Blondie....she is gorgeous. The phone saga sounds to have been a nightmare, but it sounds as if, apart from continuing to fight over the bill, it is behind you. I just hope the bill gets written off quickly...officially, with Vodafone recognising that it has happened. Good news about Mr A's work aswell. As for the jam and chutney....well, I presume you are feeling better ! Good to have all this catch up news Ayak. Jx

    1. Thanks Janice. I am very well, and didn't need a visit to the doctor after all. Sometimes the thought of a dr visit seems to make me miraculously recover. Blondie is gorgeous, although the blurred photo doesn't do her justice. I'll get Mr A to take some more dog pics when he next comes home x

  2. Pleased Mr A got a different job. What a hassle everything seems to be on the work front.

    Blondie is a lovely dog.

    Glad you got the old phone back even though it was without the perks. Best to stick with what you know.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Thanks Maggie. Yes in future I will stick with what I know. I should have known better than to believe all the hype!

  3. You've certainly got the mojo you think it was the stimulus of sheer fury at having to handle the Vodaphone crookery?
    Blondie looks lovely!

    1. Yes Helen, I'm sure that's what did it. Blondie is lovely isn't she?

  4. Glad things are picking up for you, Mr A and the wonderful dogs.

    Just one thought : I think it would still be worth writing that letter to Vodafone, laying out the facts etc. Then if they DO come after you, you'll not only have the `moral high ground` - always a lovely place to be! - but proof that you tried to sort it out. Would make it much harder for them to take any legal action.

    1. Yes you're right Rosemary and I had been thinking the that I've calmed down a bit.

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better, Ayak, and able to get on with nice things like jam-making (always makes me feel better). I agree with Rosemary - get that letter off to Vodafone as planned, so that they can't accuse you of just ignoring them.

    I'm glad things look a bit brighter on the work front for Mr A and hope the season starts to pick up as soon as possible. As for Blondie - statuesque is the word that comes to mind. ;-)

    1. Thanks Perpetua. I like statuesque to describe Blondie..very appropriate.

      The letter to Vodafone is done. Getting it to them is somewhat more difficult. They do not have an email address or a postal address...yes really. It has to be sent by fax. I've typed it, intending to go to Milas and find a fax to send it, but my printer has decided not to work. I've now emailed it to Mr A, who will hopefully print it and send for me.

  6. Happy Mr. A has a job and it's going well. Fingers and toes crossed.

    OHHH Blondie is so cute and looks happy....she's one lucky doggy to have you.

    Green tomatoes, I always collect mine before they turn red, so I can make 'fried green tomatoes' a US Southern dish...yummm.
    Your apricot dishes sound delicious, my sister in law in Izmir also makes those things that you do and they are so good.

    Have a great day....

    1. Thanks Erica. I think green tomatoes are quite versatile. I love chutney. We get through lots of it. I also made a spicy apricot chutney last year, so may make some more of that.

      You have a great day too xx


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