Sunday, 9 June 2013

Busman's holiday....

...well not busman exactly, but vet.   At the hotel where Mr A is working, there are a group of 65
student vets on holiday for two weeks.  They are all about to graduate in July, and are letting their hair down after all their studying.

Mr A has been chatting to them about our dogs.  Some of them are particularly interested in the plight of the street animals in Turkey, and are talking about maybe doing some voluntary work with neutering programmes here in the future, once they have started their careers after their graduation.  We do get newly qualified vets here from European countries from time to time, who go out into the towns and villages and help with mass neutering.  It's good practical experience for them, and helps a great deal with the problem here.

He happened to mention the problem Megan has at the moment with her legs.  She limps most days.  It's not always the same leg.  It can be any of them, and I have examined them carefully and there don't appear to be any broken bones.  Being an arthritis sufferer myself I recognise the signs in Megan.  Stiffness when she gets up, but improvement with exercise.  She is rather young to have arthritis, but then her first year on the streets has probably prematurely aged her.

One of the student vets at the hotel, Sarah, phoned me yesterday and we chatted for about half an hour about Megan's symptoms.  She agrees with me that it sounds very much like arthritis.  She says I am doing all the right things, ie giving her Rimadyl for short periods, daily glucosamine and fish oil capsules, and massaging her legs.  She also recommends swimming, and if Mr A can find time we may try to take her to the sea.  Maybe we'll take all four dogs...hmm that will be fun!

Sarah has given me her email address and has said that if I want to contact her at any time with any questions she will be happy to help, and if she can't she will find answers for me.  Of course I am happy with our vet Mehmet, but sometimes there can be misunderstandings with the language difference.  So it will be good to get another opinion, and thorough information in the future.

Shortly after she phoned, one of her fellow students, Sophie,  phoned me to say that Mr A had mentioned my home town in England, and it transpires that she lives just a few miles away.  So she and I have also exchanged email addresses, and she is also very happy for me to contact her for advice.

Mr A says they are a lovely group of young people, and I am certainly grateful for two of them taking time out from their holiday to talk to me.   I hope they enjoy the rest of their stay here and wish them all good luck for the future.


  1. What a lucky chance that they are in Mr A's hotel, Ayak. Young people can be so kind and generous and I'm sure they will be helpful in the future.

    1. Young people are often criticised Perpetua, but I have faith in them. This group are certainly a good example of how helpful they can be.

  2. What nice people...willing to help you. How cool is that that one of them is from your neck of the woods....I mean hometown.

    Poor Megan...I know how she feels. My doggy Teesha use to take Rimadyl for her arthritis, somedays I wanted to grab some from her and take them myself :-(

    Happy you had something nice today....hope all is well with those demonstrators. Maybe Erdogan will disappear ....did you know his son owns those BIM stores. My sister in law said they are supposed to boycott those BIM stores and not shop there.....

    take care....xx

    1. Yes Erica I did know about his son owning the BIM stores and I am also boycotting them. There's a lot of nepotism going on in the Erdogan family. Did you know that his son-in-law has the contract for the re-development of Gezi Park?


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