Sunday, 9 June 2013

Food glorious food!

Shopping for food when Mr A is away working through the summer is quite a problem for me.  I have to do it in several trips into Milas on the dolmus.  I can't carry too much because it plays havoc with the arthritis in my hands.  

I usually wait until Mr A can get home for a night, and he shops on the way here.  He hasn't been able to get home much just lately.  He plans for a certain day and then he becomes busier than he predicted, so he can't get away.

Last Saturday I did a food shop in Milas and even though I didn't get everything I needed, I still bought far too much.  Getting off the dolmus and climbing the hill to the house with heavy bags in this heat is a nightmare.  I've often said that when I die it will most likely be half way up the hill, surrounded by bags of shopping.

After a couple of days expecting Mr A to come home, he finally made it last night.  I would prefer to go shopping myself.  I have a list, but sometimes I substitute items.  But I sent Mr A a list and he shopped on the way home.  There are problems with Mr A and shopping.  He buys more than I ask him for.  For example, I asked for two small pieces of steak, which I know would cost around 10 lira maximum.  He bought more than a kilo, which cost 37 lira.  He also forgets things on the list.  Last night three items were forgotten...but that's actually pretty good for him.   And he breaks eggs...but only two were broken last night, which isn't too bad by his standards.

But I'm not complaining because he does his best and I can't ask for more than that.

For me there is something very reassuring about a full fridge, freezer and store cupboard.   I get more pleasure from unpacking the bags and looking at the contents than I do eating them.  I actually get quite anxious when the cupboard is bare.  I think this may be something from my childhood, where although we always had enough to eat, there was just not enough money for anything special.  My Mum would shop every day for what was essential.  Those were the days before big supermarkets.  People didn't really do big shopping trips then.

There are so many different attitudes towards food these days.  I know people who stock up on far too much and then it get's thrown away.  I hate food to be wasted.  I will make a meal out of scraps and leftovers.  There are others who buy the bare minimum.

How often do you shop for food?  Do you buy too much, sufficient for your needs, or not enough?


  1. I'm a big "sales" shopper and I always pick up more then needed because I share with the daughter. I stock the pantry and the freezer and she shops from there. Weekly favorite!

    1. Charlotte, it's great if you have someone else you can share bulk items with. A good way to get a bargain and keep prices down. I love sales too. In fact most of what I buy are on offer or reduced.

  2. I try not to waste anything...scraps go to the chickens and ducks - if the dogs don't get there first.
    My husband is a bargain hunter, so will often come in with something I didn't ask for but which can be put down in oil or frozen for future use, though I can do neither with the great wall of loo rolls he brought home yesterday.....

    1. There are never scraps of food in my bin either Helen. Four dogs put pay to that. If they don't, there are two stray cats in the chicken coop, and numerous other street animals.

      I'm also a great one for freezing things, so it doesn't matter if there is too much of one particular thing. As for your loo rolls...well they'll always be needed!

  3. I know exactly that feeling of having a nice full fridge and plenty in the cupboards but I think that's cos I've got three hungry children - and if there isn't plenty in, it's more difficult to 'conjure' something up to keep them satisfied.
    I also sympathise with sending someone else to do your shopping. My husband isn't the best at sticking to a list and inevitably buys more meat than we really need but forgets something I consider essential.
    However, if it's difficult for you to do it, better Mr A breaks the odd egg or two, than you dropping down in the street and breaking the lot!
    Take care.

    1. That's true Annie! Well I have to go into Milas tomorrow anyway so I'll pick up the items missed off the list, but carrying them will be a lot easier!

  4. I think that the software just ate my previous comment.

    We find shopping here very different from shopping in London. We get nearly everything we need on our two weekly markets. We're gradually learning not to buy more than we need though many stall holders like to sell you a lira's worth at least - often more than the two of us can manage. I don't like to freeze food. We buy every day or so from our butcher - a pack of chicken breasts or thighs lasts the two of us three days. Mostly, though, it's fresh fruit and veg.

    We have a backpack for smaller shops and a wheeled trolley for markets. We really couldn't manage without that. Would the dolmuş let you bring a wheelie trolley?

    1. I used to shop in a very similar way when I lived in Selcuk. And I have a trolley which I used there too. Anything is allowed on our village dolmus....50kg sacks of fertiliser, cans of petrol, the odd a trolley is no problem. The trouble is when I get off the dolmus. It is impossible to wheel the trolley up the very uneven lanes. It either tips over within a few steps or the wheels drop off. The sooner they re-surface the roads the better...but no sign of it happening anytime soon :-(

  5. Oh I feel for you poor Ayak.....I just did a couple of runs in Izmir with my sister in law to the weekly pazar and then we walked home up those uneven sidewalks and very high curbs and up the street on a the scorching heat.

    Here I shop sometimes a big shopping once in a couple of weeks, otherwise I'm within minutes of a few very large supermarkets. So a daily run for me or I send my husband is no problem....and we have cars. When my husband goes to the supermarket he always takes pics and sends them to me on his IPhone..." is this what you want?????"
    I also never throw food's left/overs or I freeze if I can. Sometimes on Fridays we eat what we can to clear out the fridge.....or left over veggies I can make broth and freeze it...with over ripe bananas I make banana bread and hand it out to my brother or neighbour.

    Don't worry about the egg breaking...mine has never made it home yet with a full dozen.

    Take care.....xx

    1. Good idea with the iPhone pics Erica. Wouldn't work for me though as Mr A has an iPhone but I don't! However, while he's in the supermarket I get at least half a dozen calls from him to check my list.

      If it wasn't for the bad road surfaces up from the village to the house, I could use my trolley, as omentide suggested, but impossible as it is at the moment.

  6. I'm another who likes to have a well-stocked fridge, freezer and store cupboard,. Ayak, though I don't have to contend with the difficulties you face. I find modern fridges keep food fresh so much better than in the past, so I normally shop about once a week or less, as we're about 6 miles from the nearest supermarket in Wales.

    I really hate wasting food and throw very little away even though we don't have pets. Soup is great for using up veg and I do freeze meat and milk when I buy them, so that I'm not in a rush to use everything up. I try never to let DH do the food shopping as he too won't stick to lists and buys things because they are a bargain, not because I've asked for them. Sigh....

    1. Men and shopping lists aren't a good combination are they Perpetua? I used to enjoy shopping every day when we lived in towns, but I've had to adapt. Like you, I hate waste and will freeze what is not consumed by the dogs,plus two cats living in the chicken coop. And bread goes on the bird table. Our milk is long life, so I can buy in bulk and know it won't go off.

      With the help of google I've discovered that lots of things can be frozen that would never have occurred to me before.

  7. When he was well enough, my husband used to do all the shopping. However, now I have to do everything myself & I cannot manage to get all my shopping in one big sweep because of my back trouble. I take my trolly and go to a large supermarket twice a week and shop locally for small bits and pieces when I need to. Fortunately the shops are near.
    I also like to stock up a cupboard and think of putting by for a time of emergency (snow) or extreme illness (being housebound.)
    Now I'm used to doing the shop, I realise that I am saving money because I look for bargains and only buy what we need. (Unlike husband.)
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. It must be quite a struggle for you Maggie, so at least it's fortunate to have the shops fairly close by.

      I'm now getting the distinct impression from comments so far that men are just not good at food shopping!


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