Friday, 20 September 2013

Day 12

When I woke up early yesterday morning, Day 11 without water (Thursday) I was in fighting mood.

Having been informed on Wednesday that water would be back yesterday, I was actually getting a bit bored with it all.  I'm fed up with talking about water, so I decided to turn my attention to rubbish again.  I posted the following on the village Facebook page:

"People of this village. Why are you throwing your rubbish everywhere? Everywhere you go there is rubbish. There is a huge pile of empty bottles and broken glass dumped on the hill behind our house. People are dumping bags of household waste wherever they want to. There are not enough rubbish bins and only in the centre of the village, but if I can walk down with my rubbish, then why can't you? Do you not realise that this is a health hazard? It encourages vermin that spread disease. Do you want your children and elderly relatives to get sick?

If you can't or won't bin it...then burn it.

This is a beautiful place, but it is being ruined. Please take a pride in your village and be responsible for your rubbish, before this village becomes one big rubbish dump.

I am sure many of you will say that as a foreigner I have no right to say these things. I have lived here for more than 15 years. My husband is Turkish. I am a Turkish citizen with the right to vote, and the right to want to protect the environment in which I live."

Followed by a request for someone to translate my message.

The guy in Izmir responded as follows:-

" Linda, of course you have right to say these things and we all see this problem, but this is (can not find the correct word) about human culture, unfortunately we do not have this, also there is no good organization for collecting all rubbish to send them to a special area.. Sorry for short answer, I'm on the way to go to work"

My reply:  "Thanks Gokhan. I understand about the collection problem, but it's no excuse for people to make the situation worse by dumping rubbish everywhere"

...............and no further response from anyone.

As the day progressed I started to become quite depressed and tearful, mostly due to Mr A and I having a huge row over the phone, resulting in him saying that he was going to a solicitor to file for divorce.   (And no he didn't...and we are fine now)  Put it down to stress and the fact that he only has one more week to earn money for house repairs during the winter and it's looking very unlikely impossible.  But we didn't speak all day and everything just got to me.

And no...water did not return yesterday...yet another broken promise downright lie.

By the end of the evening I was down to my last bottle of water wondering whether to use it to make coffee or flush the toilet.   Fortunately, Mr A's colleague's brother needed a lift to the airport this morning around 6am, and would pay for petrol,  so Mr A said he would pop home to top me up with water as we are only 10 minutes from the airport.

He and his colleague arrived around 6.30 am with 20 x 5 litre bottles of drinking water.  As I have been feeling sick on and off this past week, Mr A thought it could be due to the water from the pipe in the village, so decided bottled water would be best.   I'm probably the only person for miles around who is now flushing the toilet with drinking water...what a waste!

I rustled up some breakfast for Mr A and his friend, after receiving a big hug from Mr A which was his way of apologising for yesterday.  Turkish men don't do apologies I'm afraid.  In any case, we were both to blame for the row.   But it lifted my mood and I am now quite happy.  I hate falling out with him, and he is the same.  It makes us both miserable.

The latest on the water situation:   Apparently the pipes will be opened tonight (I won't be attending the opening ceremony), but the water won't be flowing through the taps until sometime tomorrow...Day 13.   Do I believe this latest report?   Not a chance!


  1. Sending you lots of love and positive thoughts Ayak.....I do hope it comes back on today. Jx

  2. No wonder you're down - and no wonder a row sparked off with you both under pressure.
    I see what the chap from Izmir is getting at - but it no one makes a fuss nothing will ever change.

    I know that here, when there is rubbish dumped, the Health Ministry starts to take an interest where the council won't. Is there any similar mechanism in turkey?

    1. I really don't know if there is a similar mechanism Helen. Judging by the amount of rubbish dumped practically everywhere in this country, I somehow doubt it. I will explore further though.

  3. Hello Mrs Ayak, I've been following your blog for a while now and I must say this is the first time I felt the need to post a comment, I actually had a mini heart attack when I read "divorce". I'm glad everything is going well now between you and Mr A. It's true, us Turkish men just don't know how to apologise but I'm sure that hug was the most meaningful hug you ever got from Mr A. :)

    1. Hello Soner. Thankyou for following my blog and I am very pleased you decided to comment. Things are fine now and yes the hug said it all!

  4. Well done for raising the rubbuish problem as well as the water. I don't know how you put up with the general apathy. It would drive me mad.

    I'm glad things are fine again between you and Mr A. You're both under a lot of stress and i'm not surprised it gets to you at times. Fingers crossed that for once the authorities have spoken the truth about the water coming back on.

    1. It used to drive me mad Perpetua. I'm probably used to it and now just find it irritating more than anything else.

      Not sure about the water. There has been a lot of noise in the house pipes for several hours, but no sign of water yet, but it may be a sign it's on it's way back.

  5. The CHP party has just delivered 20 rubbish bins to the next village to us - what party is your Muhtar? With election fever upon us I think Mr A should approach the opposition and ask for some help.

    1. I'm not sure BtoB, I need to check. But to be honest, even though I hate to accept it, I think Mr A will fall into the same state of apathy as the rest of the village once he returns. It might be up to this yabanci to rock the boat.

  6. Really hoping you get your water back soon.

    You do make me glad that we live in a town with a village atmosphere and not in a 'real' village.

    1. There are a lot of positives about a real village omentide. But at this moment in time I'm finding it difficult to think of them.


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