Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bear with me....

.....because I can't seem to get back into blogging mode.

Thankyou all for the lovely comments on my last couple of posts, and apologies for not replying individually as I would normally do.

I've had a lovely couple of weeks in England...very hectic but enjoyable, and of course I miss Stella and the boys so much.

However, two weeks away makes me appreciate my home much more, and it's great to be back in my own bed, and familiar surroundings.  The glorious weather helps too of course!  As does the welcome from my dogs and Mr A, who kindly cleaned the house and did lots of washing.   Mr A that is...not the dogs!   I am about to face a mound of ironing though...not my favourite past-time.

I'll be back as soon as I can think of something interesting to write about xxx


  1. It takes time to settle in again, doesn't it?
    I was delighted to be home after the trek round Europe...but it took time to get back into my routines again.

  2. Welcome home, Ayak. Take all the time you need. We've all been in the same situation at times and will be waiting when the muse strikes you again.

  3. Yes, welcome home. It feels good doesn't it ? Looking forward to more tales of dogs, Dursune, Mr A. and life in general. Take care. Jx

  4. Thanks again everyone for your comments. I am just attempting a blog post, so I'm hoping I can get back into the swing of things again.

    And trying to catch up with all your blogs too xxx


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