Saturday, 30 November 2013

It's a dog's life...for some

We continue to have sunny days, which is lovely for this time of year, but as soon as night falls the temperatures plummet.   And within the next month or so and into the new year, we will also have rain.

It's a grim time for animals on the streets.  Many animals are fed during the summer months in tourist areas by people on holiday and by restaurants and my Monty was for the first few months of his life.  And for him and so many others, he was used as an attraction...cute puppy to bring in the tourists.  Once the season is over they are no longer of use so are dumped on the streets to fend for themselves.  Monty was one of the lucky ones, rescued by the group Animal Antics in Ovacik. He was fostered short term by one of their supporters, and would have ended up in a council shelter if it hadn't been for their intervention.  Then we collected him and he is now part of our family.
The blue object is a small spare dogbed which I put out for Poppy. She was sick in her usual bed after eating bones.  It's too small for her really, but Monty thought he would try it out for size...silly boy!

Monty and Poppy on balcony sofa, enjoying the winter sunshine

Rescue groups, mostly run by expats, in various areas of Turkey are getting themselves prepared for winter..  It's this time that the dogs and cats need our help if they are to survive.  They organise their volunteers and work out rotas for their feeding programme.  They are doing a wonderful job.

Mr A and I are working alone in this remote village to help as many animals as we can.  We have had some wonderful support from some lovely people through this blog and Facebook.  You can read more about their kindness IN THIS POST

We have had vet costs recently with Sammy's operation.  This is the second time the tumour has been removed.  It's a bone tumour, and it may grow back again.  If so, we will continue to have it removed when it prevents him from eating.

 Monty had a check up yesterday with our vet, Mehmet.  He is doing  well, very healthy apart from his skin disorder.  He had an antibiotic injection because his neck was a bit inflamed, just to make sure it doesn't become infected, and on his advice we are leaving his collar off as this may irritate him.  Mehmet supplies us with 15kg sacks of dried food at cost price, for which we are very grateful, but we get through an awful lot of it.  Our 6 rescue dogs eat twice a day and we take some with us wherever we go..Milas yesterday...and feed dogs who are looking lost and hungry...four were fed yesterday .

Just part of our supply of dog food and medication., in our kitchen. More will be stored in the secondhand cupboard we recently bought cheap, in our shed, along with towels and blankets kindly donated by people in Bodrum.

Until recently there were a fair number of stray dogs in our village and we fed them as much as we could.  Not as much as we would have liked to.  It's not easy with Mr A being out of work all winter and money is tight, but we, like many others dotted about Turkey, do the best we can.  During the past week or so most of these dogs have disappeared.  No-one would say what had happened to them, but yesterday Mr A was told that they were "removed from the village and dumped somewhere" knows (or at least they're not saying) where this is.  To attempt to find them would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Two or three dogs however are still doubt more will turn up... and Mr A takes food down every evening when he goes to the teahouse.  They are very timid and won't come close enough for Mr A to take photos, so he puts the food down at a distance and leaves them to eat.  This little guy however plucked up the courage to come a bit nearer.  Maybe he has yet to experience the cruelty of people who shoo away the dogs, kick them or throw stones at them.


When I first bowed down to advice  and installed a Paypal  button on my blog, I had an immediate response of a donation from our dear blogging friend Janice.  She made me realise that it wasn't wrong to ask for help.  I've had a few more donations since and I am so grateful for the kindness of people.

I don't want to turn this blog into one that is just about rescuing and feeding dogs, and I do try to post about other things.  But this is the most important thing in my life in this village, and the plight of these animals is constantly on my mind.

Janice commented on the post that I linked to above, as follows:

"People want to help Ayak, because they can see what a great job you are doing. I have such admiration for you. I think the donate button is a good idea, and from time to time you should do what you have done today...update people on what is happening, and remind people about the donate button. You are right of course that people often have their own "causes" that they are involved with, but many of them, who follow your blog, will know how hard things can be, and will want to help, even if only a little. I am sure every little bit helps. Good luck with it all. Jxxx"

So that's the aim of this post today.

Thankyou for reading xxx


  1. I've noticed more stray dogs in Mumcular in the past 2 weeks - I wonder if you strays were taken there.

    1. I don't know BtoB...maybe, but I somehow doubt anyone would bother to waste their petrol coming as far as you. Perhaps those in Mumcular have been dumped by people closer? In any case it's a real problem. I just hate the way these dogs are just dumped because people just don't want the problem on their doorstep.

  2. Horrible how people can take the time and trouble to round up dogs to dump them...but won't do anything about the problem in the first place.

    1. Exactly Helen. If the problem's out of sight it's out of their minds. It then creates a problem in the area where they are dumped and others will move them on. Unless, which often happens, they are dumped in forest areas, where they will die slowly from starvation. It's just appalling.

  3. It breaks my heart, I see dumped dogs everyday and do my best to feed them, but the numbers are increasing and with the best will in the world I simply cannot afford to do it. In winter, dogs need more food to enable them to keep warm, so my lot are going through dog food like no tomorrow!! Even Isabella my naughty donkey gets stuck into the dog food, so there cannot be any meat product in the biscuit because she would never touch it, that means I must top it up with wet dog food. Hugo, my youngest eats everything, even Isabella`s apples and carrots, he is a real character always laughing at me, because he never does as he is told, mind you neither do the others, but they are not as crazy as he is.
    Linda, you and Mr. A are doing an amazing job, I hope you receive more donations. I also need blankets and must take a trip to the market this week and buy a few, which no doubt will last 5 minutes as Hugo likes to play tug of war with Poppy.
    Lots of love, F.XX

    1. You're so right with the mount of dogfood needed Fleur. Mine are getting through an awful lot at the moment. Thankfully Monty is not at all fussy and eats the same as the 4 big dogs. Poppy's always been a bit fussy, but this week not eating much at all. Last night she seemed quite poorly so Mr A has taken her off to the vet's now to check her out. And that's another costs. I am so lucky that Mehmet always gives me good prices on treatment, and he doesn't mind waiting to be paid. But it all eats into our money and the donations I've received, so yes I am really hoping for more donations, because I want to continue to feed the strays as well.

      I know what you mean about blankets. Freddie and Blondie enjoy playing with them, so I also need more at the moment. Just cannot afford to buy them but hoping the people in Bodrum will find some more old ones they don't need.

  4. Hope nothing serious with Poppy and yes the vet`s bills are high. I paid 180 liras for a blood test for Matilda, all came back fine thank goodness. F.X

    1. Well Mehmet's taken a look at her and there is nothing obvious. She's had an injection which is supposed to help her eat..not sure what that is. She threw up in the car on the way back, and is now sleeping. I've been told just to watch her closely today, keep her warm, maybe feed a little chicken and rice later, and examine her poo etc...usual stuff. She really is not herself at all :-(


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