Monday, 18 November 2013

Vets, Doctors and a delivery

 I have dithered about Sammy and the tumour in his mouth for some time now.   Mehmet the vet removed it, but it grew back again.  He said it  would now have to be surgically removed.   I decided that unless it was causing him discomfort, or preventing him from eating, that it would be best to leave well alone.  It is a round smooth growth which starts on the gum over his front tooth and almost covers the tooth. 

It seemed to have stopped growing so I wasn't too concerned.   However at the beginning of last week he was starting to eat more slowly and it was bothering him, so an appointment was made for last Friday for him to go to the surgery to have it removed under anaesthetic.   On Thursday he was back to eating normally again.  I checked the lump and it hadn't grown anymore, so I cancelled the operation.   Mehmet had hoped to call in last week and check it, but as usual he was very busy.

I checked again this morning, and it has grown bigger, and he now has a problem with eating again.
He is now booked in for Wednesday.  It will be removed, and we have no idea if it will grow back again.  I hope this is the end of it.  Poor Sammy.

Mr A is a large man.  He is overweight.  He likes his food.  He smokes far too many cigarettes and apart from the recent work our in the garden, he takes very little exercise.  I have been nagging advising him for years, to stop eating bread and sugar, to cut down on the smoking and to walk every day.  He doesn't listen.  For the past couple of weeks he has complained that his fingers feel numb when he wakes up in the morning.  I keep telling him to see a doctor.  He takes no notice.  However, this morning he agreed with me and set off for the hospital.

He had full blood tests, and a thorough examination and then had to return this afternoon for the results.   The numbness is nothing to worry about, it seems that it's more to do with the recent strenuous activity in the garden and he has medication to help with this.  He also said that he was told he had "too much blood" in his body and had to have some removed.  This all sounded a little odd to me.  He said it was a condition which began with "P", a long word, but couldn't remember what it was.  So we searched on the internet, and he recognised it as being the following:

"There are some cases where you can have too many blood cells (polycythaemia) in the body and your doctor might recommend removing a unit of blood to treat the condition. This is not really due to having too much blood but rather, too much of a component of blood ie red cells or iron which is easiest to remove by removing red cells
Polycythaemia can cause strokes as the blood becomes very thick"

He was then sent to see a dietician who told him ...yes you've guessed lose weight.  To cut out bread and sugar, cut down on the smoking and to walk every day.  Why does it take a doctor to convince him of something I've been telling him for years?  Well, the doctor was a man of course...and they know best!

Finally, Annie arrived in the village today with blankets, quilts and towels etc for the dogs, along with a donation from a lady called Liz to buy some dogfood.  Anna had driven from Bodrum to Guvercinlik with the items, handed them over to Annie, who brought them here.  Liz had also sent a zip wire contraption which can be fixed to posts in the garden and then to a dog's collar.  This is used primarily for exercising dogs, allowing them to move about whilst keeping them confined to a specific area.  I am going to try using it on the dogs who refuse to walk on a lead.  I think it might help them to get used to being on a lead if they can move about freely.  It's certainly worth a try.

Thankyou to those kind people in Bodrum who have put themselves out to help me and the dogs.  I am so grateful.

Mr A has been feeding some strays in the village for the past few days.   There are only two or three turning up at the moment, but I have no doubt that the numbers will increase as soon as word gets around.

Mr A has heard that at some point next year a new Belediye (council) vet will be appointed in Milas, and we are hoping to approach him to try to get the village strays spayed and neutered.  At the moment the village doesn't come within Milas Belediye control, but this apparently is set to change.   Watch this space. 

In the meantime I am going  to provide them with worm and flea treatments to make them a little more comfortable, and if funds permit, we will try to get some of them neutered by our vet Mehmet.  If you would like to help us feed and care for these dogs and my 6 rescues, please donate by using the Paypal button at the top of my sidebar.   Thankyou xxx


  1. Wow, you mean bloodletting is actually useful for something? Gosh, you learn something new every day!
    I love hearing how you guys take care of all the dogs, it warms my heart :-)

    1. Well it was something new for me too Deniz. When he started to tell me I dreaded hearing that maybe leeches were involved!

  2. Poor Sammy - I hope the vet sorts him out.

    1. Me too BtoB. If after this op it grows back again then I think we need further investigation. Maybe at the Vet Hospital in Aydin. I don't want to put him through continuous rounds of anesthetic and cutting.

  3. Sorry, I missed this post - so much going on at your end, it's hard to keep up! I do hope both Sammy and Mr A feel better for whatever medical procedures they go through in the next few days and weeks. And at a certain age, better to have thinner blood and wear more jumpers than have thick blood and a timebomb circulating around the veins...

    1. Thankyou Annie. It certainly is. The new healthy lifestyle regime started the moment he arrived back from the hospital.

  4. What is it with men and their health? Glad to hear that Mr A is at least listening to the doctor, even if he wouldn't take your sensible advice, Ayak. I hope the new diet and the blood-loss will help. Wishing Sammy a quick recovery from his surgery.

    1. Thanks Perpetua. Just about to do a post about Sammy. Oh men and their health. I think they just like to moan and whinge about their problems, but to us rather than a doctor.


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