Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Crooks everywhere

When we bought the truck recently from an oto galeri (car sales) in Milas, we knew that we would have to change ownership and get the relevant paperwork in order.  This, I feel, is something that the oto galeri should be responsible for.  However, they didn't deal with it but left it to Mr A to contact the previous owner to get this done.

Ever since the day of purchase, Mr A has been trying to contact the previous owner by phone with the number given on the paperwork, and confirmed as correct by the oto galeri.  With no success.  He rings every day, but there is no answer.  He asked the oto galeri to try, but they say there is no answer.

He really should not have been driving it without the change of ownership, but needs must.  He was stopped once by the traffic police outside Milas, showed the papers and explained the problem to them.  They were fine about it and just said to keep trying to make contact and change the papers as soon as possible.  I think he was lucky to have found a policeman having a good day!

On Sunday morning, he drove the truck down to the village to collect a friend from the teahouse and they were then going to pick oranges and mandarins from the friend's land.

Just as he set off from the teahouse, a traffic police car pulled up and stopped him.  They informed him that the truck was stolen!  He was escorted to the oto galeri where the owner was waiting.  He says he bought the car in good faith from a "relative" of the person who owned the truck.   It now transpired that the owner did not give a relative permission to sell the truck and wanted it back.

Mr A insisted to the oto galeri owner that he is at fault and that our money should be refunded.  He says he doesn't have the money but that Mr A could take another of his cars as a replacement.  I am furious.  If I had been with him I would have kicked up such a stink.  But Mr A, gullible as always, has accepted another car.  The good news is that this car is in the name of the oto galeri owner, so at least we know where to find him to change the ownership.    Mr A will not be using it for the next couple of months, and it will be parked outside the house, so we are not going to rush to change ownership and the cost involved in that.    The bad news...well two lots of bad news that this car is more expensive than the truck, so Mr A will owe money on it.  Which means that he will have to find a job as soon as possible.  The other issue is that we have spent money on this truck since we bought it, which we will never see again, and the oto galeri is allowing a lower price than we paid for the truck in part exchange for the car.  

I'm not sure I've explained this particularly well, but the bottom line is that we are out of pocket on the "stolen" truck, and are left owing money on a different car.

I'd have insisted on the money being returned in full.  I would not have accepted another car.  But then I'm just a woman, and no-one takes any notice of women here.

This whole sorry story  sounds very suspicious to me.  I think the oto galeri man knows more than he's letting on, and perhaps this is a scam to make money out of us.  I guess we'll never find out.  But he sounds like just as much of a crook as the "relative" who allegedly sold the truck without permission from the owner.


  1. Its beyond belief....aggghhhhh. I can understand your anger, and frustration that there seems to be no way for you to be treated fairly by what is clearly....a bunch of crooks. Jx

    1. I an beyond angry Janice, and so frustrated because I can't do anything about it!

  2. I wonder you didn't burst with rage!
    It is so clearly a scam by the garage...taking advantage of Mr.A's trusting nature twice, once on the sale and once on the 'exchange'.

    We have changed cars and a local car mechanic wants to buy our old one - of course he does not have enough money so wants us to accept part payment and give him a loan for the rest.

    My dear husband - another Mr.A - quite happy to do so.

    Not so I. I would not have entertained the idea but since Leo had consented all I could do was to cart the mechanic off to our lawyer and have a proper loan agreement drawn up with stated interest and stated dates for payment with confiscation of the car if the loan is unpaid for two periods.
    He can't get rid of the car as the agreement is noted on the National Register and any new owner has to cough up on the loan.

    Gentlemen's agreements are between gentlemen...I've yet to find a gentleman who deals in cars.

    And what made me even wilder was that on the same day he consented to this arrangement he returned from shopping without the club soda I'd put on the list because it was too expensive!

    Men! Can't let them out of your sight for a moment!

    1. Oh Helen you are so right. Mr A and Leo do seem alike in some ways. Gullible and too trusting. And there are no gentlemen when it comes to buying and selling cars.

  3. A friend of mine bought a mercedes in Milas which turned out to be stolen too. I wonder if it is the same place. If I was MR A, I would insist that he gets a straight swap or involve the police as the car salesman would insist on seeing the ruhsat so would know that the person selling it wasn't the owner.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same place BtoB. And the galeri owner must have given Mr A's name and address to the police or how would they know to come here? Which then makes me wonder if this is a policeman taking a backhander? You just cannot trust anyone here, even those who are supposed to uphold the law. I have tried telling Mr A what I think he should do, but I'm wasting my breath. You know Turkish men...always think they know best! In fact if he knew I was writing about it on my blog he wouldn't be best pleased!

  4. I would fight fire with fire - & treat the Oto Galeri with the same level of honesty that they have shown Mr A. Just keep fobbing them off with excuses as to why you cannot pay the extra & then recall a slightly different take on what was actually agreed - you get the picture? Also I would not pay a penny piece until I had been using the new vehicle for several months to make sure there are no problems with it. If the vehicle is ok maybe in several months time pay some of the money owed if they are still pressing for it. If they get nasty can't Mr A threaten to make public how dishonest they are? Be as obstructive & evasive & as dishonest as these crooks are. Pay them at their own game. If all else fails you & Mr A hide the new vehicle & disappear to the UK for a few months. As you can probably tell I REALLY hate being f**cked over. I cannot stand people who cheat others out of their hard earned cash.

    1. Tricia you don't know how tempting it is to follow your advice. In fact I have already told Mr A he should make the man wait for his money. He will probably listen to my advice but whether he acts on it is a different matter. I hate being conned xx

  5. I never buy a vehicle here without a notary agreement and the owner has to be there to sign. These Oto Galleries often deal in stolen cars. Unfortunately your husband is too nice and trusting. I don`t trust anyone here, even my Turkish friends say the same. Whatever happened to honesty? Of course there are decent people around but these days they seem to be in the minority.
    Even the Police are bent. When I bought my last car, I went to Police traffic to get all the documentation. I was asked for 50 liras, when I questioned what it was for, the man who had accompanied me from the Fiat showroom, told me to pay and not ask any questions. This is a scam and if I buy another car in the future, I will never pay this money again and will take the matter up with the Kaymakam.
    I am so sorry you are out of pocket, this whole thing is outrageous and makes my blood boil.
    I cannot tell you how much I have been ripped off over the years living here, but it must amount to a hell of a lot. Now, I am a lot tougher and wiser.
    Even my late husband who was a lot like Mr. A got ripped off more times than I wish to remember. Often I would step in and play hell, then money would be returned.
    I hate this side of the Turkish character.
    Good luck Linda, but I think you must be very careful and stand your ground.
    Love, F.xx

    1. It's a minefield trying to get to the truth in these dealings Fleur. Mr A assures me today that he and his father have known this oto galeri owner for many years, and he trusts him. He has had previous cars and motorbikes from him without any problem. I am still unsure and a bit cynical I suppose.

      Yes it is a side of the Turkish character that;s unpleasant, but I don't think it's just this country where it happens. I think the greed and making a fast buck mentality exists everywhere these days...sadly :-(

  6. Grrr!!! That's totally outrageous behaviour and i'm not surprised you're furious, Ayak. I just don't understand how Mr A can be so trusting as to accept it. I certainly wouldn't be, not would my DH. I do hope you can get Mr A to listen to you and not fall over himself to pay what almost amounts to extortion money.

    1. Perpetua, I've been talking to him about all this until I'm blue in the face, and although he probably knows I'm right, he isn't agreeing with me, so I've given up. I'm afraid sometimes people have to learn the hard way.


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