Saturday, 28 December 2013

The art of exagerration... something the Turks are experts at.  Put them in any situation and they will always tell a bigger/better/worse story later.  I'm trying not to generalise too much, because for the sake of my Turkish readers, I'm not saying every Turk is prone to exaggerating, but in my 15 plus years of experience here, an awful lot are.  I find men are the worst.

Mr A does it all the time.  I'm used to it and take a lot of his stories with a huge pinch of salt.  I think he, and others, like to make their lives a little more exciting than they actually are.

Take illness, for example.  I am pretty sure "Manflu" was invented by the Turks.  Womanflu of course consists of feeling absolutely rough, but still carrying on regardless.  Manflu is much worse necessitating a lot of sniffing, coughing, moaning, taking to his bed and the expectation that his woman will become nurse and administer to his every need.

What about headaches?  I get them from time to time.  I take a paracetomol or ibubrofen if it's really bad, then carry on as usual.  Mr A has been known to go to the hospital with a headache on several occasions so that he can get instant relief by means of a painkilling injection.

Earlier this week when Mr A was out working on the wall, something went in his eye.  Not sure what, but it was slightly bloodshot.  I had some eye drops at home, so he used these for a few days.  Well to be precise I had to put the drops into his eye because he couldn't manage by himself.  It's no longer bloodshot, but he says it still feels like there is something in his eye.

He took himself off to the hospital this morning to get it checked out.  Later he phoned me to say he was about to undergo an operation on his eye.  When I questioned him further I established that in fact there was a miniscule piece of grit in his eye and trying to wash it out had failed to remove it.  So the doctor was going to remove it with tweezers.   If I wasn't so used to his exaggerating I would have thought that he was about to be carted off to the operating theatre.

I have no doubt of course that he will need a few days to recover from his "operation"...poor man!

What is it that people say?  If men were able to have babies, they'd only ever have one.


  1. Oh no...hope Mr. A's eye gets better soon.
    I now what you mean about the Turks.....when my daughter and I are in Turkey we get a chuckle with their sicknesses all the time. My Brother in Law said he can't get his stomach cold b/c he will have to go to the hospital.?????? Last time we were there we went to a cafe along the Aegean Sea and it was 30 deg. Cel. and he wrapped a shawl around his stomach.....said he might get a chill and get sick..... My husband's brother had his thyroid out (I can see that) and they don't know what type of surgery it was and for what...they said he needed it. When my husband's Mother gets a she needs a 24/7 personal maid. My parents were never like that and they were older. This is just a few examples...but I really know what you mean. My husband was like this but thank G*d he straightened out.

    Take care....XX

    1. You've given some perfect examples there Erica! I suspect your husband changed because of being out of the country for so long. Living here it's unavoidable I'm afraid, as you have discovered on your visits x

    2. I hope Mr. Ayak is better soon. Eye problems are very worrying.

    3. He is absolutely fine omentide. The offending object was removed quickly and efficiently in minutes.

  2. Tell me!
    A Turkish friend in France was convinced he had had a heart attack when he had had to the hospital, everyone mobilised and sent back the same day....

    1. Doesn't surprise me Helen. Mr A was in and out of the hospital in no time and clearly surgical intervention was not required. I was expecting him to milk this one for a bit longer but he is now distracted by trying to get the car back on the road, so the eye is forgotten.

  3. Tell me about it?
    Selcuk spends more time at Acil Servis than he does at home!!
    Like Mr. A, he goes for pain killing injections instead of just getting on with it.
    When I am ill, I don`t moan, if I am really bad, I take to my bed and try to sleep it off and because I don`t make a big deal of things, Selcuk assumes there is nothing much wrong with me.
    When his sister went into hospital in September, there was a big fuss and everyone was present in her room before the `operation`. I was under the impression she had something extremely seriously wrong with her.
    After she went down for her `operation`, Selcuk called me, he was very worried. Just half an hour later, he called to say she was back in her room.
    It turned out she had a small biopsy taken.............all the fuss and I even offered to look after her and I had only had a mastectomy in July. The day I came home from the hospital, I cooked the dinner.
    I think we women need to learn to put the agony on even though it isn`t in our nature, otherwise we are expected to be on duty at all times and nursemaid to the men for the slightest little thing.

  4. At first I thought it was just men, but it does seem from your account that Turkish men are something else where their health is concerned. :-) I hope the car is better soon also.


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