Sunday, 29 December 2013

This week

It's only a matter of weeks since Tommy arrived, and he has settled in so well.

Both he and Monty have spent time swapping beds but not really settling in them, preferring to snuggle up on our bed.  For the past three nights Monty has slept in the pink bed that used to be Poppy's and Tommy on our bed, even though I tried to encourage him into the blue one.   Finally the night before last, after several attempts, they both went to sleep in their own beds, meaning we were at last able to move our legs during the night without having to move two dogs.

 When I woke up yesterday morning, this was what I saw...both in the same bed.  However, it didn't last long.  After much squabbling, Monty pushed Tommy out and he ended up back on our bed.

Monty seems happy to sleep in his bed.  Tommy prefers ours.  Ah well, at least there's a bit more room with just one on the bed.

Mr A recovered from his eye problem.  It wasn't serious but he enjoyed exaggerating and making a fuss about it.  He is now preoccupied in trying to get the car back on the road.  It's been parked half-way down the hill since earlier in the week.  He had a quote from one of the workshops and as I expected it's going to be expensive to put it right.  Late yesterday, with the help of a mechanic, they managed to get the car to the workshop just off the main road, and there it will stay until it's fixed. 

After much negotiating, Mr A has managed to get them to agree to fix it and allow him to pay in instalments.  He has a labouring job lined up for when I get back from England, so a few weeks work will enable him to pay for the repairs.  (Fingers crossed the job doesn't fall through).  

I made a trip into Milas on Friday by dolmus, and how I've missed this wonderful form of travel in recent weeks!   Packed in like sardines, and on the return journey being wedged up against the window by a very large lady with two children on her lap.  One of them whinged and fidgeted whilst the other continually kicked my leg, which is now covered in bruises.   Then having to climb over several bags of fertiliser and a large petrol container to get off the bus.  I'll be glad when the car is back on the road.  Unfortunately, this won't be in time to take me to the airport tomorrow morning for my trip to England, so Mr A has enlisted the services of a friend in the village to get me there.

The dogs had me up at around 4 o clock this morning.  The big ones wanted to go out for a run, and Monty and Tommy wanted to play.   Much as I love them dearly, all this activity so early in the morning can get a bit much at times! 

We continue to feed the strays in the village, and more seem to be arriving by the day.  I have a feeling some may well have been dumped here from elsewhere.  The problem is never-ending.

So for 13 days from tomorrow Mr A will be up early with the dogs, whilst I will have two small boys to play with.    I'd like to say I'll get a rest while I'm away, but I very much doubt it!


  1. Have a great time and I look forward to read your blog again when you return.
    I hope all will be well with your daughter.

    1. Thankyou Fleur, fingers crossed. I'll be in touch when I get back. Take care xxx

  2. I have a feeling that both you and Mr. A will be having a spate of early mornings!
    Have a lovely time!

    1. I don't doubt it Helen. I tried telling the dogs last night to let me sleep a bit longer than the usual 5am as I have a long day travelling today. They clearly misunderstood as they woke me up at 4.30. I bet anything they won't wake Mr A up so early...sod's law.

  3. Enjoy your trip. Hope all the floods and electric cuts are finished by the time you arrive.

    1. Thanks BtoB. I think my home area hasn't been too badly affected.

  4. Have a wonderful holiday with your grandsons.
    Happy New Year.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Thankyou Maggie...and to you too xxx

  5. By now you'll be safely ensconced in the UK, Ayak, and I hope you have a wonderful time with your family.


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