Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rain, Hairdressers and the cost of living

Rain today meant there was no work for Mr A.  There are 15 men in total being collected from this and another village to make the steep climb up into the hills for this hard labour.  I mentioned previously that they are being paid 45 lira a day.  It is normal practise here to provide transport for this type of work.  Mr A tells me that each man is having to pay 2.5 lira each day for the transport, which will be deducted from their wages.  It is also usual to provide food but in this case nothing is provided, not even water.

As a result all the men feel exploited, and are not pushing themselves to work as hard as they should.  This means of course that the job will take much longer, and they will be paid for a longer period...false economy!

We took advantage of the fact that we didn't have to make such an early start to go out to the industrial estate this morning, so left here at 8.30am.   We fed a total of 19 dogs, and also gave the immune booster again to 7 puppies.  It was also nice to be able to spend a little more time with them in daylight and see how much they enjoy some human interaction.  They know our car now and come bounding towards us when we arrive.

We then drove into Milas to collect two more 15kg sacks of dogfood, and I decided to indulge myself in a little pampering.   I've written several times before about hairdressers in Turkey.  It's difficult to find one who does exactly what you ask him to do, and if you do manage to get one they invariably up and leave and you have to start the search again.   Or the first haircut seems to be pretty good, but subsequent cuts leave a lot to be desired.  My last hairdresser in Milas was from our village.  First haircut OK, second one not so good, third one pretty bad.

I found another one months ago.  He is super, but I was reluctant to write about him after the first visit in case I jinxed it.   Today I had my third haircut with him, and he is fantastic.  It is actually the cleanest, most modern salon in Milas and I would have expected to pay considerably more than usual, but this is not the case.   I had my hair washed, then cut, then dried and checked for odd bits to be trimmed, washed again and blow dried.  It was perfect.   I then had my eyebrows shaped...waxed, cottoned, plucked and trimmed to perfection, and also a top lip wax.  The total for all this was just 27 lira (by today's exchange rate approximately £7.50).   Unbelievable isn't it?

Which brings me to the cost of living the moment.  The Turkish lira is weak.  Today the pound will buy 3.7 lira.  I am told this is unlikely to change until after the elections.   Although prices have started to rise, we seem to be in a situation where some businesses haven't managed to keep up.  Hence the price charged by the hairdresser this morning.  The sacks of dogfood have increased by 5 lira for 15kg...not in my opinion a significant increase, I'm pleased to say.   Many other everyday items don't seem to have been increased in price.  Although for some reason potatoes are ridiculously expensive here right now.

This cannot last, so it's a case of making the most of our lira going further  while we can, because you can be sure that when it eventually grows stronger, prices will not come down accordingly!


  1. I was confused by the cost of potatoes but on asking I was told that there hasn't been enough rain - only our bit of Turkey has had some and the potato growing areas are very dry.

    1. We have also noticed the price of potatoes has risen. As my neighbour says,
      yağmur yok, ekmek yok.
      And the price of bread has also risen dramatically.

      No rain here during the day, though it did rain a bit last night.

    2. It's interesting how prices vary from area to area omentide. Our bread is still 70 Krs in supermarkets and 75Krs in local shops, it hasn't increased for a long time.

  2. All the fruit and vegetables have shot up in price both here and in Selcuk because as BB said lack of rain.
    Charlotte and I had pide last night with two cokes and I paid 23 liras 50 kurus, so your pide outing was 10 liras cheaper!
    I am glad you had a bit of pampering, you deserve it. Here in Kusadasi it is more expensive, I guess because of the high rent. In Izmir, a pedicure costs 15 liras, here it is 25 as a rule.
    I pay 50 liras for a 15 kilo bag of Winner dog food. I don`t know how much you pay, but in any case it doesn`t last long! I think I am overfeeding because all my dogs are on the fat side and Poppy, whose life must have been really terrible before I took her wants to eat continuously, probably because she wasn`t fed regularly before.

    1. The price of dog food varies enormously Fleur, and to be honest there isn't much choice in Milas supermarkets. There are a couple of pet shops who charge more. Mehmet my vet gets my 15kg sacks for me, the most economical he can find. He only charges me what he pays, which was 35lira until recently, now it's 40 lira. I do still look out for promotions in the supermarkets though and did manage to find one 15kg sack at Carrefour last week for 39.99 lira. Sadly only one on the shelf. We asked a staff member to check if they had more and they said they didn't. When we popped into Carrefour this week they had another sack of the same brand on the shelf marked up at 69.99.

  3. I still find a lot of the prices here in Spain much cheaper than I would expect to have paid in the UK. Obviously, I live on considerably less money so otherwise, we'd really struggle! Our potatoes come from a neighbour and are the best we've ever eaten.
    I don't want to say too much about things there but let's just say, at least you've managed a good hair cut....hold onto the good things! And nothing wrong with a bit of pampering...I should give it a go myself sometime as I keep catching a pretty awful glimpse of someone in the mirror here! (I've got a horrid cold and that doesn't help!)

    1. The cost of living is still much cheaper here Annie. I couldn't survive in the UK these days. No best not to say too much about anything here at the moment. Who knows whose reading these blogs at the moment!

      I'm very pleased with the haircut...I do that glimpse in the mirror thing too and haven't been too pleased with what I've seen recently!

      Hope you recover from your cold very soon xxx

  4. Totally changing the subject. How far are you from Turunc? I was wondering if we could visit you when we come over in April if it isn't to far or too hard to get to?

    1. Hi Pauline. It would be lovely to see you in April if you can get here. I've googled distances and they vary from site to site. But have a look at this link as a starting point.

      Buses are good here as you probably know, so it may not be too difficult.

    2. Should have mentioned also that we are not far from Bodrum airport, so that should give you some idea.


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