Sunday, 19 January 2014


Mr A and I were up early this morning and set off to the industrial estate with a large container of dog food and a supply of worm tablets.

We fed 21 dogs today, including 7 puppies.  It's important to worm  puppies to prevent all sorts of problems.  We gave the first dose to the pups and will give the second dose in 10 days time.   One pup gave us the run-around and was determined not to be caught, but we persevered and finally cornered her.  

A wooden kennel has appeared since yesterday, and it seems that this is apparently for use by three puppies.  There were only a few men actually working today and we asked one of them where the kennel had come from, and apparently a carpenter on the estate made it for the puppies.  This act of kindness really restores my faith in human nature.  It is so rare to find someone taking the trouble to do something like this, so we will make a point of looking for the man tomorrow so that we can thank him.  Two little black puppies are still inside the large oil drum so maybe we can ask the carpenter to make another one for them.

Although, as I mentioned before, someone is leaving a container of food slops out, there was no sign of this today, and I doubt very much whether this is a regular occurrence, judging by how hungry all the dogs were today.

On returning to the village we fed four more dogs, and then we called in to see one of Mr A's friends.  This man used to be scared of dogs, but having visited us regularly has lost his fear and become friendly with our dogs.

He was recently working in a nearby village and picked up a puppy from the street and took him home, so we thought we would check to see how he is doing.   He is a lively little dog and is being well cared for, mainly due to advice given by Mr A .  I also gave this dog, called Pasha, his first worm tablet and will give the second in 10 days time.   After some discussion, Mr A's friend has agreed to take Pasha to our vet's for his vaccinations, and will have him neutered as soon as he is old enough.

This evening Mehmet, our vet, came out to visit.  He gave all our dogs a check-up, but in particular Sammy who has been limping for a couple of days.  It seems to be a sprain, nothing broken, so he was given an anti-inflammatory injection.  It could possibly be arthritis, which Megan also suffers from.  She has been on Glucosamine tablets for some time now, which seem to help, so Sammy will be having these too.  I also keep a supply of Rimadyl tablets but only use these for 7 days if Megan has a particularly bad limp.   Both Megan and Sammy are a little overweight (a big difference from when they first arrived!).   Although they eat the same amount as Freddie and Blondie, they don't run about quite so much and tend to be lazy, so we'll have to cut down their food and encourage them to exercise!

Blondie had a nasty cut in the soft pad behind her ankle (I'm sure there must be a name for this pad but I don't know what it is).  I have been treating this with an antibiotic spray that I had previously bought from Mehmet, and then putting a dressing and bandage on it.   However she keeps chewing this off, but Mehmet says it is healing nicely and he gave her an antibiotic injection just to make sure, and we will continue with the spray.

I was halfway through typing this post when Mehmet arrived, and just as he was leaving we told him about the dogs on the industrial estate.  He gave us some bad news.  Apparently, just before he passed the estate, a dog had been hit by a car on the main road.  He stopped to see if he could help but it was too late and the dog had died.  Someone told him it was from the industrial estate, and we think it may have been one of the puppies.  I guess we will find out tomorrow. Poor little thing.

He was pleased that we are feeding the street dogs, and we have said that we want to do as much as we can to keep them healthy. Obviously we would like to get them all vaccinated in time, but the most urgent one would be for Parvovirus, and we will be collecting enough vaccine from Mehmet this week to administer to about 30 dogs.   He will let us have this as cheaply as possible which will be a great help, and he is happy to wait for payment.   We are lucky to have such a good vet, and some lovely people who have donated to make all this possible.

You will notice a new page at the top of my blog "Street Dog Feeding and Treatments".  This is mainly for my benefit, to keep a daily record of dogs being fed and treatments being administered. It also means that you can see what we are doing, without my having to do so many posts like this one.

It's been a busy Sunday.  We are making progress, slowly but surely.  There's still a long way to go but I'm allowing myself to be a little more optimistic.


  1. You are doing an almost impossible task but it is obviously a real passion. It's good to know that there are still people out there who are kind.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. motto for the new year...nothing's impossible if you are determined enough xxx

  2. Well done Linda and Mr. A!!


  3. You're very busy and I'm so glad that in amongst it all, there are signs that you're not on your own in caring for the dogs. Axxx

    1. Yes it's a good sign Annie and it gives me hope xx

  4. There is a puppy being cared for on the industrial site near us. I hope the commitment continues as it grows.

    1. I hope so to BtoB. They seem to be safer on the industrial estates. I think the workers see them as security so are unlikely to chase them away. When I get over to see you, I'll bring some worm tablets for the puppy.


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