Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Work and another busy day

Mr A has some work at the moment...thank goodness.   It is labouring work up high in the hills, clearing areas and burning wood.   He started yesterday and will work every day, weather permitting.  If it rains or is too windy there will be no work.  Even if they work half a day and the weather changes, they will stop, but WON'T be paid for work done that day.   It's not fair is it?  But that's the way it goes.

He and 7 other men from the village are collected at 7.15 am and returned to the village around 6pm.  They are to be paid weekly, at 45 lira a day.  This is around £12.  Not much, but people are so grateful for any work they can find during the winter.   No food or drinks are provided, not even water, so they have to take a packed lunch and water with them'

He is still owed 60 lira from the previous job, but yesterday was so busy that he didn't have time to collect it.

We fed the industrial estate and village dogs at 6am yesterday.  When Mr A arrived home at 6pm we set off to Milas to do some food shopping and to see Mehmet the vet.  We had a long discussion about how to keep all these dogs as healthy as possible.   The pups are the priority.  We have come to the conclusion that we cannot vaccinate all these dogs.  It's an impossible task, so we are going down the prevention route.  It we can boost their immune systems, they are much less likely to get sick.   In this respect, we have bought some special paste to add to their food which will boost their immune systems and also some syrup which kills all parasites and is also an immune booster.

We treated ourselves to pide as it was getting late and we were hungry.  This is still such good value for money.  We had a pide each, with a large salad, cola and water and the bill was 13.5 lira (approx. £3.50!).  Then on to the supermarket for shopping, finally getting home at 9pm.

The puppies in particular need this treatment urgently, so this morning we set off again before 6am.  It's difficult to administer these treatments to all the dogs when it's dark, but with Mr A working we have to go when we can.   I was up at 5am to feed our dogs, and to prepare portions of food containing the paste and syrup.  

These prepared portions were given to the 2 black pups living in the oil drum, three 3 female pups who have the kennel, 1 larger black pup, and also to the brown mum and pup.  We are delighted to see that the mum and pup are now sharing the kennel with the other 3 girls and all getting along well.

There were a few more dogs there this morning.   We fed a total of 26 dogs today.   This container
holds around 7 or 8 kilos, half a sack, and this is now  empty.  Any village dogs will be fed this evening.

We will give the paste and syrup to all the other dogs on a day when the weather is bad and Mr A is unable to work, so that we have daylight to see what we're doing.

Dog food, portions containing treatments, and some of the paste and syrup

Another  busy, but very satisfying day.


  1. Again, well done. What is the name of the paste and syrup Linda?
    Nice to know the dogs are being fed.
    Love and hugs.F.XX

    1. Thanks Fleur. Just copying what is written on the packaging:

      IG-Puppy Oral paste 12ml: For immunity increasing. Improves the immune response to diseases and general wellbeing of the pet via immunoglobulins, MOS and betaglucans which are specific agents for immune boosting. The formulation supports the digestion, increase bio-availability of nutrients in the digestive tract. (dosage 1ml each day)

      CANIBOOST Oral Pasta 30ml (for dogs). Intestinal flora protector and immune booster. (dosage 1ml per day)

      Sitraks syup. 30ml: This is for parasites and apparently also immune booster. Pups 0.5ml and dogs 1 to 1.5ml daily.

      Will give to all pups for about a week as they are a priority, and as many dogs as possible for the same amount of time. Although, we will concentrate mainly on the dogs who we think are in greatest need.

  2. You're doing so much for these puppies, Ayak! It's good to know they're being cared for.
    Pide. Pide pide pide pide... I'm so jealous. Please eat one (or ten) for me!

    1. I love pide Deniz. I'll be sure to eat one for you next time :-)

  3. The non payment for work done is disgraceful...pity the all seeing government doesn't turn its attention to real abuses like these.

    1. Where would they find the time Helen, with everything else they need to address?

  4. Im glad to read you again. Thanks for this post.
    Best for you Buddy!

  5. You will wear yourself out with all these early mornings - I hope you get a siesta in the afternoon.

    1. I do manage to take a nap most days x

  6. It's nothing short of slave labour, isn't it?

    Glad you have a good hairdresser. Mine is very good and does what I ask but charges about £15 for a dry trim!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. And I guess that's a pretty good price by UK standards Maggie!


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