Saturday, 1 February 2014

Flapjacks recipe and my easy/cheaper version

When I was in England recently my daughter made some flapjacks from a recipe in a cookery book for children.  Billy and Jimi love cooking, and my daughter encourages them.  They make a huge mess of course, but my daughter doesn't bat an eyelid.  She is incredibly patient.

The flapjacks were lovely and this is the recipe she used:

80g butter
80g light brown sugar
60g Golden Syrup
130g oats
half tspn salt
35g dried apricots, chopped
35g dried cranberries
35g raisins
30g dessicated coconut
30g chopped pecans

Place butter, sugar and golden syrup in a pan and melt.  All dry ingredients in a bowl.  Add syrup to dry ingredients and mix well. Line and grease a baking tin and cook in oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

I noticed Golden Syrup in a plastic bottle in my daughter's local supermarket so bought one to bring home so that I could make the flapjacks.   Unfortunately, I didn't have most of the ingredients so had to substitute, eg white for brown sugar, margarine for butter, no dried cranberries, no dessicated coconut, walnuts for pecan nuts, and I didn't have enough oats.  I found two sachets of instant porridge (Oats so Simple) in the cupboard and added those to make up the difference.  With extra chopped dried apricots and sultanas instead of raisins, I made sure the weight of the dried ingredients was correct and continued making the flapjacks.  They were pretty good.

Yesterday while I was in Milas I decided to stock up on the correct ingredients.   However, in BIM supermarket I discovered some 275g packets of crunchy muesli, which were only 2.95 lira (about 78p) so I bought 4 packets.  This works out much cheaper than buying separate ingredients.

This afternoon I used one packet of the muesli, with a few chopped walnuts and 3 dried apricots which I already had, so that the weight of dry ingredients was the same as the original recipe.  I then made up the syrup mixture with the Golden Syrup, butter and sugar (white sugar is fine...brown sugar here is more expensive),   Make sure they are really cool before you cut them up as they tend to crumble. 

They were photo I'm afraid because we have scoffed the lot!

Golden Syrup is difficult to find here, if not impossible, but I recalled reading somewhere that it is easy to make your own, so I searched for a recipe.  I found this video, and will be making my own when my bottle has run out.

Edited to add:  Updating my blog daily with my dog feeding programme. 12 newborn puppies found this morning. See the link for further details:


  1. Sounds yummy, but my kids would never go for half the ingredients. How wonderful that your grandsons will eat a variety of ingredients.

    1. Kelleyn I think because the ingredients are not so recognisable in flapjacks, that makes a difference from seeing them all individually.

  2. I make them with muesli too, and I never have golden syrup so use half as much pekmez. They are still good.

    1. Well there was I thinking I'd invented flapjacks made with muesli! Still I'm pleased to think that such a good cook as yourself uses it. that's a thought. I'll give that a try next time xx

  3. These look the cranberries and Turkish apricots which they sell here in any supermarket....awesome that your Grandkids eat well and are not picky and so good that your daughter is teaching them to cook.

    I know I sound like a 'space cadet' but when I see recipes without cups, tablespoons, pints etc..... I stay clear..I asked some of my friends do we weigh the ingredients and they like me say they don't do those recipes....we are still the old school here....So my question because these sound delish do I weigh the ingredients?????

    BIM.....we have one down the street in Izmir....I kept buying that apricot hand cream they had, great aroma. They sure do have a lot of them BIM's on almost every corner wherever we went.

    Take care...we are on alert here for a warning of a "A Snow Storm" with heavy snow and then rain.....I should be in Izmir and not here...:-(

    1. Billy is a bit of a picky eater Erica, but Jimi will eat anything, although they both love fruit and nuts, and these flapjacks are quite sweet. They've been cooking with my daughter from an early age, not much older than a year. I think it's great for boys to be taught to cook. In my day it was unheard of.

      BIM is great value for money and I am doing most of my shopping there these days. We have two large ones and a small one in Milas, so very convenient.

      Take care in that snow, and keep warm xx

  4. I found some muesli when mooching through the cupboard the other day - we don't eat the much but had it when the brother in law came to visit....Leo has made golden syrup substitute which is not at all bad - so I can do this. thank you!

    1. Ah now I must have been you who mentioned the home-made golden syrup.

      Yes 12 puppies. We went up again this afternoon and three are definitely dead. I took some blankets because there are no windows in this old car. We can't move mum and pups to put a blanket underneath them to make them more comfortable so I have covered them up. We'll go twice a day now to make sure mum is ok.

  5. We love flapjacks, but only have them as a treat, so your recipe is bookmarked for future use. I have a lovely recipe which uses chopped dates and jumbo oats, which is wonderfully chewy and yet crunchy. Mmmm....

    1. Mmm that sounds delicious Perpetua. I really should try to see these as a treat because if we keep eating them as fast as we are, we'll soon put on extra weight :-(

  6. Sounds yummy! I hope I'd have your daughter's patience if/when I had/have kids!
    Have to ask though - you could find margarine in the village but not real butter??? What is this world coming to?

    1. It wasn't quite like that Deniz. I thought I had butter in the fridge and I was about to make the flapjacks when I realised I hadn't, so was too lazy to go down to the shop and used margarine instead. I made some more today though, using butter!

  7. Aha, that makes sense! Mmm, I'm hungry now :-)

    1. I must stop making them so often or I won't fit in my clothes!


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