Friday, 28 February 2014

So there was a girl after all!

Further to my post on the pups this morning, we now have another pup to add to the collection.

The man at the industrial estate who took a pup home yesterday, realised this morning that it was in fact a girl.  Shouldn't make any difference should it?  Well it wouldn't to most of us, but Turks don't want the girls.  Too much trouble.

So Mr A was right after all, there was one girl in the litter, and like him, the man clearly couldn't tell the difference when he took her home yesterday.

What happened next has really angered us.  The man brought the pup to our village this evening and just dumped her at the teahouse.  Someone phoned Mr A and he went down there immediately.  An hour ago he brought her home.   We have called her Melek (which means Angel in Turkish). 

We have fed her and reunited her with her two brothers.  There has been quite a lot of squealing, but it's now quiet.

I could swear profusely at this point, but what's the use?  I am not surprised at the behaviour of this man.  I've grown accustomed to the attitude towards animals here.  I think it's fate.  We thought he was a nice man, but he obviously is not and I'm glad he made a mistake and took the wrong dog, because he clearly shouldn't own a dog.  So we are keeping her.

We have called the two boys Chas and Dave.  The names suit them.  This morning we gave them a warm gentle wash with a mild shampoo and flea combed them.   Then later they went to see our vet Mehmet for a once-over.  He says they are very strong and healthy and seem older than 4 weeks, and he felt it was not too soon to give them their first vaccination.  They weren't the least bit fazed by the injections, and have had no adverse reaction to them.   The second vaccination will follow in a week's time.  They are greedy little boys and have eaten quite a lot today.  Their poo is normal, no sign of worms, and they are very lively for their age.   We will take Melek for a check-up tomorrow.

So now we have 9 dogs.  Are we mad?  Probably!

Do you want to see some more photos?  Here you go then............


Chas & Dave having a cuddle with Mr A after their wash


Chas with Monty in the background


Dave with Monty (he just has to be in on the action!)

Dear little Melek. Just one quick photo. More later once she's settled.


  1. Rotten man...but at least he didn't completely dump her.
    They are delightful...yes, you are completely mad....but it wouldn't be you if you didn't take her in and she and her brothers will have a happy life.

    1. You're right Helen. It could have been worse. He could have just dumped her anywhere so at least she is now safe.

  2. Oh Linda!! 9 dogs..................but at least they don`t have big feet which suggests they will only be small, so at least they won`t eat you out of house and home, but in any case like me, you would eat a boiled egg for your dinner as long as they got fed. It doesn`t surprise me in the least that the man changed his mind, or maybe it was chaqnged for him by his wife? The little girl is much better off with you. Love. F.XXXX

    1. Yes just like you in that respect Fleur...dogs food comes first! And I am not surprised either, but am at least relieved that she was dumped in the village rather than somewhere else.xx

  3. I get so cross when I hear of such cruelty. Malek is so sweet. You are right...... that man doesn't deserve a dog of any kind let alone of either sex.
    Yes....... you must be a little mad! Thank Goodness for people like you though!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Better we found it now than later Maggie, so at least she's safe xx

  4. Thank heaven she was dumped where you could find her. They are all adorable and yes, you are completely mad, but we love you for it. Pxxx


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