Thursday, 13 February 2014

Some good news at last

We have been trying for a couple of weeks to track down the Milas council vet to try to get some action regarding the dogs on the industrial estate.

The man from the local political party that Mr A spoke to some days ago only managed a brief conversation with the vet, so it was up to us to take it further.

A meeting was finally arranged in Milas this afternoon, and I decided not to go but to allow the Muhtar and Mr A to attend.  I get rather impatient with Turkish men as they tend to chat for ages about all sorts of irrelevant subjects, drinking endless tea, before getting down to the matter in hand.  In any case I trusted Mr A to do his best for these dogs.

The vet has agreed to spay two bitches each day starting next Monday. It is his responsibility to do this, so there will be no charge for the operations.   Mr A has enlisted the help of one of the estate workers to help him transport the dogs to Milas.  The vet will operate on them, keep them overnight and the following day.  Mr A will take two more dogs the following morning and collect the previous two in the afternoon and  return them to the estate, and so on.

It is essential that we have sedative injections to be able to catch the dogs and put them in the car, but unfortunately the vet will not provide these.  It's an impossible task without them.  So we will have to buy them from our vet, Mehmet.   We may also have to buy antibiotics for some of the dogs post-op to help with the healing process.   It's also going to cost us a fair bit in petrol with all these journeys, and if anyone would like to help with the cost of this and the injections, any amount, no matter how small, will be very much appreciated.

I am delighted we have managed to get this neutering programme underway.  The village females will be next in line, then hopefully we can start on the males.  Fingers crossed everyone that it all works out as planned.

Edited to add:  After much discussion with Mr A last night we have decided that it would be preferable to take just one dog each day to the vet to be spayed.  This way we may  be able to avoid sedating some of the dogs.  Much easier to get one into a car than two, and it now seems the estate worker who was to help  cannot do so each day, which is fair enough.  We will put collars on designated dogs this weekend which will make it easier to handle them, and will get a muzzle from our vet.   We also understand that the council vet doesn't put the plastic bucket collars on them post-op (he says they are too expensive) so we will get some from our vet.

Overall, although we are delighted to be getting these dogs spayed, I am not happy with the attitude of this vet.  Clearly he is only prepared to do the minimum amount possible...the rest will be up to us.


  1. Very glad to hear you're getting somewhere at last, Ayak, though it's a shame about the vet dragging his heels.

    1. Thanks Perpetua. I think I may have misjudged the vet, as you will have seen in a more recent post. I think he is just very busy x


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