Saturday, 8 February 2014

This week (with photos)

The weather has been excellent this week and has enabled Mr A to do a lot of work on the dog's area behind the house.  The wall is finished and chicken wire fixed around the top.  He's made a really good job of it.  The old outside toilet which we once used as a temporary shelter for the dogs, which they didn't use, has been demolished.   Today he will be clearing the area of debris and generally tidying it up so by tomorrow the dogs will be back to using it.

We spent 5 hours at the hospital on Wednesday as I have been suffering with back and stomach pains.  I've had this problem for years.  It comes and goes.  I was diagnosed with IBS 7 years ago and since then have had a couple of bowel infections which have cleared up with antibiotics.  However, the past week or so has been particularly uncomfortable so I thought it was time to check things out again.

I had an ultrasound, blood and urine tests, and there were no signs of infection, so I am booked in for a colonoscopy next Friday...the 14th...Valentines Day.  Not the best day to have a long rod pushed up my backside...not very romantic!

Our 6 dogs are all well.  Daily doses of Glucosamine given to Sammy and Megan seem to be working on their arthritic legs.  I'm sure the warmer weather also helps.  The two newest boys, Monty and Tommy, have settled in very well.  In fact tiny Tommy seems to have taken over as leader of the pack.  I wonder why these small dogs are so brave and bossy?

We are continuing to feed village and industrial estate dogs, and you can see my daily updates on the page link at the top of the blog. (See also photos at the end of this post).   The mum with the huge litter of 12 pups is doing very well, although only 7 pups have survived.  We have made them as comfortable as possible in the old abandoned car on the estate, with blankets, and we are supplementing the dry food with yogurt, cheese and milk for the mum.  We have also given her daily doses of immune booster.

Some dogs have disappeared and others have arrived.  The 3 black and white pups and the small brown pup have now all gone.  2 pups were hit by a car, but we have no idea what has happened to the others.  The 2 black pups are really thriving, and we think we may have found homes for them in the village.  Mr A will confirm this over the next few days.

Some of the estate workers have taken an interest in what we are doing and are also feeding some of the dogs and putting out clean water for them.  As I suspected, this is spasmodic, and I think we will have to continue to go every day for the foreseeable future. 

We are feeding in excess of 20 dogs most days, and thanks to regular monthly donations from 5 people we are able to keep buying sacks of food.   It isn't quite enough though, and if anyone is able to set up a Paypal arrangement to pay a couple of pounds a month, this would be so helpful.  I'm really not good at asking for money, as you know, but we have committed ourselves to caring for these dogs,  and we will continue to do so whether we receive donations or not, for as long as we can.

We  have plans to have the mum spayed as soon as the pups are weaned, and  other females as and when we can.  We will also try to find homes for the pups eventually, although this will probably be very difficult.   We want to continue to give worm and flea treatments to as many dogs as possible.  All this costs money, so anything you can spare, no matter how small, will really help.  Thankyou again to all those of you who have donated so far.

These are just a few of the industrial estate dogs who didn't run off at the sight of a camera!

The abandoned wreck...home to mum and pups...

7 out of the litter of 12 have survived

The 2 black pups which are hopefully to be homed soon

Male black pup

Female black pup

2 black pups with an older puppy
The sick dog we saw 2 days ago.  He has seen vet, been on serum, and had injections and is now eating well.

One of the 6 or 7 village dogs currently being fed

Have a good weekend xx


  1. As ever, a week of ups and downs for you, Ayak. I'm so sorry to hear that you are having health problems and yes, I can think of better things to be doing on Valentine's Day....
    Some of your dogs are looking very well indeed. Not sure if you could see on FB but I've found my puppy...He's one of a litter found in a neighbouring village. The mother is still with them but she's stray. A couple (English) have made a shelter for them and are feeding them and have wormed and groomed them and they're gorgeous. We went up yesterday and were picked out by one who just decided we were for him. Collecting him later this week when another brother will be rehomed, leaving only one. I'm tempted to take two but not sure FR could handle that....I made the decision whilst he was away..oops! Axxx

    1. Annie I've just seen the photo. He is absolutely gorgeous, and looks a lot like the type of dog we have here. I am so pleased for you and I am sure you will all be a lot happier when he moves in. It's so hard to lose a beloved dog, and I think there seems then to be an empty space, which should be filled with another who needs lots of love...and he will certainly get that from you and your lovely family. xxxx

  2. Very sorry to hear that you're not well again and need tests, Ayak. As you say, an unromantic prospect for Valentine's Day. I really hope your results are good. I laughed when you said that Tommy has established himself as leader of your pack. You're right - small dogs can have huge egos. :-) I do hope you manage to find homes for more of the stray dogs you are feeding.

    1. Thanks Perpetua. Finding homes for dogs is the most difficult task I'm afraid. Far too many on the streets and no-one wants them. Although I do feel that if we keep these dogs healthy then maybe they stand more of a chance of someone being willing to take one.

  3. Sorry to hear about your IBS flare up and hope the colonoscopy goes well. It's certainly best to get things checked out. Will be thinking of you.

    Sorry to hear that Mr A has been taken advantage of with the work he's done, without pay. It is nothing more than slave labour.

    Good job you are doing with the street dogs.
    I think getting the females spayed is probably the answer to the problem. Though it seems endless.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Thanks Maggie. The problems with the dogs is indeed endless. Around 50 dogs turned up at the estate this morning...far too many for us to cope with..we will have to get more help somehow x

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon. I had a colonoscopy last year and it was fine, they put me out and no pain afterwards. Wishing you better health very soon.
    The dogs all look well and I just love the dog that has been sick and on serum, what a darling. F.XXX

    1. Hi Fleur. I had a colonoscopy 7 years ago in Kusadasi and it was awful. No anaesthetic, not even a sedative, which was clearly an oversight on their part. I've checked everything this time to make sure that this doesn't happen in the Milas hospital.

      The dogs are looking well but as I mentioned to Maggie above, the numbers are getting out of control and I'm not sure how we are going to deal with it :-(


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