Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Time for some thankyous

It's about time I said a huge thankyou to those of you who have donated to my dog fund.  I have 5 people who are donating regular amounts each month, totalling £55.  This goes towards the food for the street dogs.  From time to time I get one off donations from others, and this is very gratefully received, also helping towards food and other costs such as worm and flea treatments, vaccinations, immune boosters etc.

On Monday I received a parcel in the post from a Facebook friend in the UK containing a large amount of  brand new dog collars and leads, and these are gradually being distributed amongst the dogs on the industrial estate.  They are certainly looking a lot smarter than most of the street dogs here!

Another Facebook friend has offered to pay for the Mum of the 7 pups to be spayed.  As the Belediye vet is dragging his heels somewhat, we will use our vet Mehmet as soon as the pups are weaned.  He has quoted an excellent price for the operation of 150 lira, and will include all vaccinations at the same time.  I've passed on this info to the lady concerned and am waiting to hear back from her.

We have now given the 7 pups their first worm treatment, which will be followed by the next one in 2 weeks time.  Another friend has kindly donated towards the cost of the worm tablets for the pups.

As I type this, Mr A is going up again to the estate along with a man from the village who is going to take two of the pups.  Of course, I would have preferred them to stay with mum for a while longer, but they are starting to become adventurous, and once they start running around outside the car, they are at great risk of being hit by traffic.  So at least these two will stand a better chance.

We will check on the two pups regularly to make sure they are being cared for.  We have given strict instructions on what to feed them and how to look after them, and we will continue to worm them.
We will also vaccinate them and the other 5 pups at 6 weeks old against parvo virus and distemper.  Mehmet, our vet, is going to give me a special price for the vaccines.

I am desperate to find homes for the remaining 5 puppies, and have shared the video on Facebook, and this has been shared by lots of others too, so fingers crossed for them.

We are still in need of regular donations to be able to continue to do our best for these dogs, so as usual I will be grateful for anything you can spare, no matter how all helps.

Thankyou so much to everyone who has donated so far.

Just a few pics of some of the dogs wearing their new collars this morning...not easy to snap photos while trying to feed and put collars on others, but this is the best we could do!

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