Sunday, 23 February 2014


Mr A fed 23 dogs at the industrial estate this morning.  He checked on the two girls who were spayed this week and they are both fine.  The brown one's wound was a little sore yesterday so we treated with antibacterial spray and it has healed well.

The mum and 7 pups are doing well.  Mum, in spite of being well fed by us, is quite thin, but I guess that this is normal as she is feeding 7 hungry babies constantly.  We have wormed mum and flea treated her.  Tomorrow we will worm the pups for the first time.  They are now 3 weeks old.

Mr A did a short video of the pups this morning which we posted on Facebook, and there has been some interest in them, and the possibility of homes for a couple of them.  Someone Mr A knows in the village, who has a dog of his own that is well cared for, has expressed an interest in taking two of them.

Naturally I would prefer them to stay with mum for as long as possible, or at least six weeks, but I have to consider the fact that they are now moving about and when they venture out of the car (which Mr A says they were attempting to do this morning) then they will be in grave danger of traffic.  We have already lost other pups to traffic accidents on the estate, so if  people want to give these pups homes then we will let them go.  It could mean the difference between life and death.

Someone else on Facebook has offered to pay for the cost of spaying Mum, which is wonderful, so I will be checking out costs with our vet tomorrow.  The Belediye vet is reluctant to take any more at the moment for spaying.  He is concerned about the parvo virus which was discovered in the two black pups, and doesn't want the risk of it at the shelter.  He did of course fail to diagnose the virus when Mr A took them to the shelter, just two days before they died, so I have my doubts about his capabilities.

Fortunately the area where the two pups with parvo were living is some distance away from all the other dogs, and this area has now been bleached and hosed down.  Mr A is also continuing to take precautions when up there feeding, and has discovered no other dogs who are sick, so hopefully it has been contained with no further spread of the virus.

Now I have spent hours, on and off, trying to upload a short video that Mr A took this morning, which he put on Facebook, but it just will not upload.  If you follow this link to his Facebook page you may be able to see it.   (Perhaps someone who doesn't have a Facebook account can try it out and let me know if you can see it please?  If not I'll try to upload again later)

Edited to add:  Worming the pups this morning enabled us to get close enough to them to establish that they are 6 boys and 1 girl 



  1. I don't have a FB account and could see the video, Ayak. The pups are gorgeous and I do hope you manage to find homes for them all.

    1. Thanks Perpetua. I was hoping you would try the link as In know you don't have a Facebook account. You cannot believe how much I was tearing my hair out yesterday trying to upload this video. Aaargh!

      I hope we can find homes for the pups. It will definitely be easier as 6 of them are boys. xx

  2. I've just caught up on your blog and read the last few posts that I missed.
    I for one, don't get bored with the doggie posts and admire what you are doing and find people very kind in helping you. It is good to catch up on their progress. I was sad about the puppies that succumbed to parvo virus and the shooting was a disgrace.
    I'm glad Mr A has now got a really good motor bike.
    Hoping the pups get good homes before they start to venture towards the road.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Hi Maggie. Yes it was very upsetting to lose the pups. Parvo is an awful virus, but they are at least no longer suffering. The shooting was appalling and just a mindless act of cruelty.

      I am so hoping we can find homes for these pups, but with just so many dogs out there on the streets, I don't hold out too much hope. Their safety is a constant worry for me.

  3. Hope you can find homes for them. Does the Milas pound manage to re-home any of their dogs?

    1. I don't know for sure BtoB, but I guess they must do or they would never have the space to take any more. The vet there is being a bit difficult now. Just because the two black pups had parvo (which as I said above HE failed to diagnose) he won't take any more for spaying at the moment. He had originally agreed to take mum and 7 pups in when they were 6 wks old, but now I'm not so sure. We are pretty certain the parvo virus hasn't spread at the industrial estate, and in any case, whenever the pound takes in street dogs there's always a risk. I am now going to get my vet to spay the mum asap, and vaccinate the pups with the parvo/distemper vaccine at 6 wks old, and just keep trying to find them homes. If you hear of anyone in Bodrum who wants one, let me know, although there are just so many everywhere aren't there, and not enough homes to go round.

  4. Those puppies are so adorable...wish I could take some home. I so want another dog but with this horrible flood we still are not finished and I have some health problems now....we just can't this year. So I just have my 'squirrel' pets at the weird as that sounds.Hopefully they can find good and Mr. A have hearts of gold.
    I got a chuckle out of Mr. A talking in English....because I noticed he has an English accent with the way he pronounces his husband also calls me 'fistik'. hehehehe
    Take care and have a good day....we are still in the minus teens temperatures here. :-(

    1. Your squirrel pets don't sound at all weird Erica..not to me anyway. Maybe one day when things have settled down you'll be able to have another dog. Those cold temps are lingering on aren't they? Sorry you have health problems Erica...take good care of yourself. xxx

      (Yes I get called fistic sometimes too, as well as the dogs!)


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