Friday, 28 February 2014

Welcome to your new home...'ve guessed it.  We have two new additions to our dog family.

We homed two of the pups two days ago in the village, because the mum had stopped feeding all of them  and lost interest.  They were starting to wander yesterday morning, so we felt we urgently needed to get them to safety,  One of the workers on the industrial estate had been gently trying encourage mum to feed them.  What a lovely man.  He said he would like to take one of the pups home with him, which he did yesterday. 

Three more people in the village had expressed an interest.  Mr A didn't think one of them was suitable but the other two seemed OK.  So we spent  most of the day to-ing and fro-ing and getting these pups settled in their new homes, as well as stocking up with puppy food.

Then we were left with two.  I thought these were a boy and girl.  Mr A had checked the sex of all of them last week, but it seems he can't tell the difference, and they were in fact all boys.  Here are some photos, there will be more to follow.

The kennel converted from chicken coop

Settling in

Monty checking them out

So cute!

Monty is fascinated

They are currently in what was the chicken coop that Mr A made, which has been converted to a kennel, and they have cosy blankets to keep them warm.  It's a bit like having babies again.  I have
 been awake all night as they have been crying on and off. And naturally Mr A has slept through it!

Mum is absolutely fine and wasn't at all bothered about the pups being taken away.  We need to get her spayed now, and Mr A attempted to talk to the Belediye vet.  He is not being helpful.  Mr A then spoke to the Belediye manager again who phoned the vet to put pressure on him to help us.  Mr A then phoned the vet's number constantly and he either didn't answer, or switched the call off.

We have therefore arranged for the mum to be spayed by our vet, Mehmet, next Wednesday.  She will receive her vaccinations at the same time, and a skin problem which she has will be treated.  We had pretty much decided that Mehmet was the best person to do this, but still feel that the Belediye vet should be taking responsibility for some of these dogs.  I am waiting on a promised donation for the mum, but we cannot afford to get all the females spayed with our vet.

As I type this, the pups are squealing at the tops of their voices.  I take this as a good sign.  I'd be more concerned if they were quiet.  I think I am in for a few more sleepless nights!

Oh, and as for names for the pups.  I invited suggestions on Facebook yesterday and was inundated with ideas and am now quite overwhelmed.  The favourites at the moment are Chas and Dave,followed closely by Ant and Dec,  Ben and Jerry, Bubble and Squeak, and Bill and Ben.  I'm sure we'll pick the right ones today.


  1. Just love you and Mr. A Linda. Well done.Love.F.XXX

    1. Thankyou. Love you too Fleur xxx

  2. You ARE incorriglble, Ayak,but I can see why you couldn't resist. They are so sweet. :-)


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