Thursday, 20 March 2014

Busy, busy, busy!

Mr A is still frantically searching for work.  I think I mentioned previously that he didn't get the airport job, but that he was waiting to here from the carpet centre which is quite near the industrial estate where we feed the dogs.   He contacted them a couple of days ago, and it would seem that promised group visits to the centre have been cancelled, so there will not be enough work to offer Mr A a job.  They have said that if business improves within the next few months, they will get in touch.
As always, there are promises of jobs that often don't materialise, but we are used to it.  In the meantime, he has talked to some of his contacts in Kusadasi, and will go over there next week some time to see what's available.  Mainly because of the cruise ships coming into Kusadasi, the season starts earlier than other resorts, so a job is more likely to become available sooner rather than later.

He has spoken to people in Bodrum, but no-one wants to employ anyone until mid-May.  Although the season will be well underway by then, bosses tend to hedge their bets and wait to see how good business is, before taking on more people.

In the meantime, Mr A has been keeping busy around the garden.  He has tiled the balcony, although it still needs finishing off, but it's a vast improvement on the concrete floor.  We've been doing a bit of recycling, which we get much pleasure from.  The balcony table collapsed the other day.  The fittings on the underside just came away, bringing most of the table top with it.   We had a large piece of formica covered wood which he had originally used on the seat of the sofa that the dogs had demolished.  He cut this to size and used it as a new table top.  This table, along with 3 plastic chairs are now sitting under the fig tree (where he has cleaned up the ground, and will cement the area to make it level.

We wanted a small coffee table for the balcony, and one I had in the house was the right size, but the legs were not stable and it tends to tip over.  We found an old stool with sturdy legs, but a broken seat, so the legs have now been attached to the table.  It does the job perfectly.  We intend to get two chairs to go with it eventually, but in the meantime, we are using two of our four kitchen chairs.

He has also made a new picnic table.  He made one last year, but we didn't treat the wood and it started to splinter in places.  The new one has been treated, and looks really nice.  We haven't taken many photos lately, but did take one of the picnic table, which is now under the gazebo.  Mr A has moved the large grape vine and replanted it to cover the gazebo.  As grapes are poisonous to dogs, we needed to remove it from the area where the dogs run around.

And the big dogs (well mostly Freddie) have gradually destroyed the aforementioned sofa, one armchair, and a sofabed.   They've had great fun doing it...removing all the stuffing and making a hell of a mess.  What was left of this furniture has now been removed from the dogs' bedroom and burnt.  They now have two long wooden pallets, made by Mr A.  These are covered with blankets and each will accommodate two dogs.  So Megan, Sammy, Blondie and Freddie have tested them out and are happy with them.  They will probably chew the blankets, but the pallets are at least pretty indestructible.

The pups are doing very well.  Our 3, as well as the other 4 we homed.  They have all had flea and worm treatments, and this week we collected vaccines from our vet and administered to all of them.  They have already had two previous vaccinations each, suitable for young puppies, to give them some protection, but the ones this week were the proper mixed vaccine.  They will be due further vaccinations in May.   Megan, Sammy and Blondie also had booster vaccinations.  Tommy will be due his on 1st May, Freddie in July, and Monty in November.  I now have to keep a book with dates and lists of all vaccines, flea and worm treatments, or I would completely lose track with so many dogs to look after!

Chas and Dave, and Melek are just adorable and becoming quite adventurous.  Melek in particular is more daring than the two boys.  She is already able to climb the steps up to the balcony, whilst the two boys get halfway up and then sit and cry to be rescued.  We have now had to put chicken wire on the balcony gate and around the balcony railings to prevent the pups from falling through the gaps.  This dog-proofing of the house and garden is a full-time job, but we're getting there!

The weather is glorious right now, and it's a real treat to be able to sit out and enjoy the sunshine before it gets too hot.  Mr A is about to start on whitewashing the outside of the house today.  The last of the jobs on his "essential to-do list".   Hopefully he will have a bit of relaxation time before he secures a job,  although he is very anxious to start work as soon as possible.

Edited to add a video that Mr A has just uploaded to Facebook of the pups playing.  Hope you can see it from this link:


  1. That was a lovely video...I did like the pup deprived of the cord going off in a huff!

    Mr. A has done so much round the house and garden this year...and doesn't it all look super. I'm glad you have the good weater to enjoy it all.

    Fingers crossed on the work'd think any business would be glad to have someone so competent.

    1. The pups are so funny Helen. They have quite different characters. Chas (the one going off in a huff) was quite timid to start with but now much more confident. Melek, the girl, is so clever. She already knows her name, whereas the two boys haven't a clue. She is also the only one who can climb the steps up to the balcony. Dave, the blonde one, is proving to be a bit of a wimp...little crying noises to get attention and cuddles!

      Yes fingers well and truly crossed for work!

  2. The pups are coming along a treat! The video's so sweet, the white one is very tenacious!

    1. That's Dave, Pauline. Beautiful little boy, but as I mentioned to Helen, above, he is a bit of a wimp. He really does let Melek boss him around, then cries for me to rescue him!

  3. Your garden is looking lovely - I still think Mr A should sell his talents to house owners not as good at DIY as he is. Put an advert in the Bodrum Echo or Bodrum Bulletin

    1. We have talked about this, but he will be the first to admit that he is a Jack of all Trades, but master of none. He enjoys doing all these things for us, and I am perfectly happy with the results. On closer inspection, there are faults and I think charging for his services would mean that people would expect higher standards. This would put enormous pressure on him, which he would hate. I think if he keeps working on the things he does for a bit longer, his skills will improve and we could consider it again.

  4. Your husband is extremely talented Linda. What a fabulous picnic table? And all the other DIY he has done.
    Fingers crossed for the job in Kusadasi, as you say, the season starts early and a lot of the shops are open now and quite a few don`t close over winter (tourist shops).
    Hope to see you now the spring is here. We really must sort something out.

    1. Thanks Fleur. He has worked really hard on the garden this winter. We are keeping fingers firmly crossed for a job soon. He is visiting Kusadasi within the next couple of days, so hopefully we'll know something then.

      Yes look forward very much to meeting up soon xxx

  5. What a cute video...they look so adorable the puppies....and having lots of fun.
    Love your garden...Mr. A sure is one talented Turk. Love the pots on the stairs with the flowers it look so inviting....wish we had some flowers...woke up this morning to more snow.
    take care....XX

    1. I think Mr A has made a lovely job of the garden Erica. The bit you see with the gazebo is the part of the garden where the dogs aren't allowed! To the right is the driveway and then the house, and behind that is the big dogs fenced in area. If you look closely where you can see an orange wheelbarrow, Mr A built a concrete area there yesterday and now the picnic table has been moved there, under the fig tree. Beyond the wheelbarrow is what will be our vegetable garden. It's a lot of hard work, but worth it.

      I just cannot believe you are still getting snow!!


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