Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Chas, Dave and Melek...

...are doing so well.  Three little bundles of joy, each with very different personalities.  Dave is very noisy and boisterous.  He is always the first to scream to be let out of the kennel ...and  he means immediately.  Chas is the quiet, shy one, and Melek is quite bossy, and loves nothing more than jumping on the boys and biting their ears.

They are eating well...four meals a day at the moment.  We are kind of getting into a routine, but it's still a bit hit and miss.   Early morning around 5am, which means that the 4 big dogs together with Monty and Tommy also demand to be fed at the same time.  It takes a bit of juggling, I can tell you! Then they eat again around 10am,   4pm along with the other dogs, and finally around 10 or 11pm, and with a bit of luck we manage to get some sleep until it all starts again at 5am the next day.

They have a basket with blankets inside the kennel where they sleep, and newspaper for going to the toilet, but apart from the odd accident, they are actually letting me know when they want to come out to go to do their business.  Amazing considering they are only 4 and a half weeks old.  Mr A has made some little wooden steps for them to climb in and out of the kennel, but they are growing quite quickly so I doubt these will be needed for much longer.

They had flea spray from the vet, which didn't seem to stop them scratching, and then one of my friends, David, mentioned using lemon.  I cut some lemons in half and rubbed them into their fur,  and they hardly scratch at all now, and it smells a lot nicer than flea spray.   Good tip...thankyou David.

The 4 big dogs, from behind the fence at the back of the house, watch the pups moving about, quite bemused at their antics. They have all been introduced, but I'm keeping them apart for the time being while they are so tiny, to avoid one of the big dogs treading on them.  But they do sniff each other through the fence.  Megan started out being quite protective, but then decided it was boring, so went off to the dog area with the others.   Tommy ignores them completely.  Monty, on the other hand, seems to have become a surrogate father.  He watches them, licks their faces, and lets them jump all over him.  He's such a lovable boy.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased at their progress.

Chas and Melek



Monty and Melek

Monty and Dave

Monty with Melek and Dave


  1. Monty's taken over from Megan, then...he is a sweet boy.

    1. He is Helen. Although you wouldn't believe it if you saw the way that he and Tommy squabble, but he is so gentle with these pups.

  2. How beautiful they are these pups! You do an amazing job taking care of all these dogs. Have a dream that one day we get our own place outside centrum of Alanya so I can do some work of my own for some of the dogs here. As of today they dont allow dogs in the apartment building we live in. I have the biggest heart for dogs :)

    1. Hi Sissel, and welcome. We lived in apartment blocks for years and I know how difficult it is here to find a landlord who allows dogs, so it was my dream too to have more dogs one day. I hope you realise your dream too xxx

  3. They are so sweet, Ayak, and Monty is a treasure. How big do you think they will grow to be?


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