Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Communication,wasted journeys and rain

I recently wrongly accused the worker at the industrial estate of bringing back a puppy to our village and dumping at the teahouse, because she was a girl and he didn't want her.

Mr A and I often have breakdowns in communication, and total misunderstandings.  Sometimes it can be blamed on language difference, but often it's because I don't listen properly, and nor does he.

The man at the industrial estate actually has a male puppy, and he is in fact looking after her very well.  It was one of the men from the village who took a pup and later realised it was a girl, then dumped her.  We are regularly checking on the other three pups homed in the village and they are fine and being well cared for.

We've had a lot of rain this past week.  We do need it of course, but I do wish it wasn't quite so heavy and that we didn't get it all in one go.

We had made arrangements to take the mum of the pups to our vet this morning to be spayed.  I also had a hairdressers appointment at 10.00am and was going to catch the bus, but the vet told Mr A that he could borrow his car from Milas to collect the dog and transport her to the surgery, if we covered the cost of petrol, so Mr A  decided to drop me off at the same time.

Mr A collected the car from Milas, and we set off for the industrial estate first  to collect the dog, but she wasn't there.  Very strange as she is always in the same place every morning.  We spent a great deal of time searching for her without success.  We also looked for another bitch that we could  take in her place to save a wasted journey, but sod's law we couldn't find one.  So, having phoned my hairdresser to say I would be late, we headed off to Milas. 

Whilst I was getting my hair done, Mr A returned the car to the vet, and also picked up vaccinations for the 4 pups in the village and industrial estate.  We are paying for these and will continue to worm/flea treat them at regular intervals.  This, together with getting the mum spayed and vaccinated is, for us, completing our project of protecting mum and her babies.  We will keep looking out for her and make arrangements again as soon as possible to get her spayed.

Mr A vaccinated the pup at the industrial estate, and then fed all the dogs there.  The rain, which had been falling steadily, suddenly became torrential, and Mr A was stranded.  He phoned to say that a friend with a car had offered to pick him up but he and a couple of other men were then going on to Milas to a political meeting, so Mr A decided to join them.

Please remind me never to go to the hairdressers again on a day like today.  My hair looked lovely but within 10 second of stepping outside the salon, I looked like a drowned rat.

Apart from that, the road from the salon to the centre of town was flooded, and I found myself wading ankle deep in water in some places.   I managed to get to the bus station only to find that also flooded and buses cancelled.  I phoned Mr A, interrupted his political meeting (I'm sure he didn't miss much).  He borrowed a car, put in petrol (more expense) and took me home.  

Because I had been longer than anticipated, there was quite a lot of poo in the pups' kennel which they had managed to tread into their bedding.  Out it all came, clean bedding and newspaper replaced.  Pups cleaned up and put back in.   Me?  Drenched again.

I put on dry clothes.  An hour later pups crying for food.  Out to feed them and give them time to go to toilet, put them back, and I am drenched again.

The rain let up for the remainder of the week so it seems.


  1. Oh, sod's law indeed!

  2. Bloody hell, Ayak! I'm laughing in sympathy....but laughing nevertheless. Hope you don't mind....if I were closer, I'd give you a hug and a hand. I don't mind the rain too much! Axxx

    1. I don't mind you laughing Annie. I can actually laugh about it today because it was all utterly chaotic and I must have looked quite a sight! I don't mind rain in smaller doses. I'd welcome a hug and a hand! Thanks for the thought xx

  3. The bloody rain!! (pardon my French!!), Thank goodness there is no rain today.
    I love pups, but all the cleaning up gets wearing after a while, especially when you have to bathe them after treading in their own excrement, the bigger dogs are much easier.
    It is a good job Mr. A is at home now, I think it would be far too much for one person. You will have to treat yourself on a better day and have the full works, you really deserve it for all you are doing.F.XXXX

    1. Yes the cleaning up after the pups seems to be never-ending Fleur. Not so bad with one, but three is quite difficult. Mr A unfortunately never seems to be here when I have the kind of crisis I had yesterday, but he is very helpful when he is around. And he is doing the daily trips to the industrial estate now, which gives me time to sort out our dogs x

  4. Expecting rain - then we had a glorious day today - this is why I love living here.

    1. Yes me too BtoB, and it was quite a surprise when it didn't arrive.I did at least manage to get everything washed and dried. The forecast said it was to continue until the end of the week, according to Mr A...not sure which forecast he was looking at x

  5. Oh, poor Ayak, What a chapter of accidents. :-( I'm glad the rain stopped for a while and you could get things sorted out.

    1. Sometimes you just have a feeling how some days will go Perpetua, and it's probably best on these occasions just to stay in bed! (if only)


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