Thursday, 13 March 2014

New roads and routines

At long last progress has been made on re-doing the roads in our village, and over the past couple of days the work reached us at the top of the hill.

I'm actually shocked that we now have something resembling a normal road outside our house.  We have been here for almost 5 years and it's been talked about and promised ever since we moved here.

The road  prepared. .AFTER removal of large rocks
Laying sand and unloading bricks
Laying the bricks

I will say at this point that Mr A has been instrumental in getting this work carried out.  The current assistant Muhtar is standing for the position of Muhtar at the upcoming local elections.  Mr A has been putting pressure on him for months to do something about the roads, and has accompanied him to various meetings in Milas and Mugla.  This man does need a kick up the backside, and it would seem that he hasn't had much to say at these meetings, so Mr A has stepped in to do the talking.  He has also made many phone calls to the powers that be, and as a result, work started just over a week ago.

We were originally informed that the new road wouldn't actually be laid as far as our house.  The fact that Mr A was present at the meetings has meant that he has been able to make sure that our road would be done as well.  To ensure it happened he has been outside with the workers for the last two days from the time they arrive, until they finish for the day, helping with the unloading of bricks, and spreading of sand.   The bricks are now laid, and sand thrown over them to bed them in.  In a few days it will be perfect (well as perfect as is possible here!).

The routine with feeding our 9 dogs and those elsewhere, is getting better each day.   Every morning around 5am (sometimes earlier), I let the 4 big dogs out for a run up the hill.  They need the exercise and it's impossible for us to think about taking all these dogs out on leads.   Whilst they are out, I feed Monty and Tommy in the kitchen, and the three pups down in the driveway.   At this point I manage to wake Mr A to look after the pups when the big dogs return to be fed.  They then go back to their large area at the back of the house, which is fenced off but also gives them access to their "bedroom". Monty and Tommy have a run around the garden and Monty plays with the pups for a while.

All this can take between one or two hours.   We sometimes manage to grab another hour's sleep and then after a quick breakfast, Mr A goes up to feed the industrial estate dogs (this is now every other day...see my feeding programme).     The pups are still on 4 meals a day, a further one late morning, early evening when all the other dogs are fed again, then late at night before we go to bed.

In between all this, Mr A is attempting to lay tiles on the balcony floor.  We managed to get these tiles very cheaply some time ago because they were old stock, but there has been so much other work to do making the garden dog-safe that the job has had to wait until now.  He is doing a little each day and it's almost finished.  Hopefully, if/when he manages to secure a job, all the most important things that need to be done will be completed.

Looking after all these dogs is hard work, but we get so much pleasure from seeing our dogs, and others on the streets, thrive.  It's reward enough.   I am concerned about the financial aspect though.  Regular donations of £55 per month are going a long way to help with the food for the dogs, but we do need more.  I feel like I am always holding out a begging bowl, and I don't feel comfortable about it, but I just keep telling myself that without the generosity of others, we won't be able to do what we can for so many helpless animals.

So this is pretty much our daily life.  Not exactly the relaxing retirement I had planned, but very satisfying and rewarding nevertheless!


  1. Better late than never I suppose, but you now have a road that will last. The light spraying of tarmac over our dirt track has dissolved into puddles and potholes already (as expected)

    1. Oh dear your road didn't last long did it? Tarmac is a waste of time really...if it's not done properly. I rather like these brick roads. It's not even, but a darn sight better than it was before.

  2. The road looks great, well done Mr. A!!
    It costs a lot to look after all those dogs Linda, so don`t think you are holding out a begging bowl. People have the choice to give or not. For me, it is the vets bills, even though Duygu is so reasonable, it still takes a big chunk out of my money. I am also feeding my street dogs every other day and in fact today, there were not that interested in the food. They did eat it, but not with gusto, so perhaps I am overfeeding them? Mine all are for sure.....Love, F.XXX

    1. Yes the vet bills are a worry Fleur, even though our vet is very reasonable too. We can only do our best can't we? xxx

  3. Replies
    1. I think so too Claudia, and I've been telling him this for ages. He is always reluctant, but recently he did say that maybe next we'll see!

  4. In a way, a good job Mr. A was not away working and was able to exert pressure to get things done...he's pretty effective, isn't he!

    Our road project has come up against the council's refusal to transport the hardcore for us free - the price they want is beyond anything commercial, so we are going to see the boss of a local builders' merchant - from whom we are buying the material for the house - to see if he can help out.
    He is a chap in his eighties, who built his business from scratch and has a social conscience....he won't do it for nothing, but I bet he'll make us an price less than that from the council to whom we pay taxes for just this sort of thing...road building!

    1. It's a nightmare isn't it Helen? I hope you can get this man to do the work at a much more realistic price. These things take so much time to sort out

  5. So glad you have a decent road at last, Ayak. It will save so much wear and tear on whatever motor vehicle you future. It's a shame it has taken so much badgering from Mr A to get the powers-that-be to keep their promises.

    1. It really has made a huge difference Perpetua. Apart from being able to take the motorbike down the hill without damage, I can also walk down to the village without risking breaking an ankle, or worse, on the way!


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