Sunday, 20 April 2014

Integrating the dogs

It's been a busy week.  Mr A has been jobhunting every day, with as yet no success.  He was offered a job in a carpet centre in Istanbul, but would have to fly up there, find accommodation, buy food, etc,so again would end up with little left at the end of the month.  He would also be away for months on end, so neither of us were happy about it.  There are possibilities closer to home though, in the Bodrum area, but they won't materialise until May, which isn't so far off now.

The three puppies are now just over 11 weeks old.   Since we rescued them at 4 weeks old, we made the decision to keep them separate from the 4 big dogs in their area at the back of the house.  The pups were so tiny that they were likely to be trampled on by the big ones.  Monty and Tommy, who live in the house and have the area at the front, are much smaller of course, and they have been fine with the pups.  Monty continues to act like a father/big brother to them and it's lovely to see.

As they are now growing and are much stronger, we decided to start getting them used to the big dogs.  They can see and sniff each other through the fence, so are used to them being around, but I was still a little apprehensive about allowing them all in the same area together.  However, if they are all to live together harmoniously, it has to be done.

It wouldn't be a good idea to allow the pups into the back area, which the big dogs see as their territory, so one by one we let Blondie, Megan, Sammy and Freddie into the front with Chas, Dave, Melek, Monty and Tommy.

I held my breath...but after a few growls, the sniffing of bottoms began...then the big dogs exerting control over the smaller ones... finally they settled, and mostly ignored each other.  We did this for an hour, and will continue to do so, until it becomes normal to them.

Megan and Melek

Dave, Chas and Melek

Blondie, Dave, Chas and Melek

Melek outside the new plastic kennel, with the old wooden kennel on the right which has become the pups playroom!

Sammy, Monty, Blondie, Dave and Chas

Sammy, Blondie, Dave and Megan

Blondie, Dave, Melek and Chas
Tommy and Freddie seemed rather camera-shy, so no pics of them I'm afraid!

Eventually, it will get easier.  Feeding of course will always have to be in separate areas, because there is a tendency with street dogs to fight over food.  No matter how long they live with you, and are fed regularly, they never lose this instinct to protect their food at all costs.

And talking of feeding dogs,  Between 20 and 25 industrial estate dogs are still being fed by the café owner with the dried food that we are providing, but Mr A pops up there every few days just to check that they are all OK.   We are also continuing to feed 5 or 6 dogs in the village.

However, we are now at a point where we may have to cut back on this....perhaps even stop altogether.   Donations have dried up.   I do have a few donors who have committed to monthly payments for the foreseeable future, amounting now to a total of £40.  I am so grateful for this, but it isn't enough for us to continue to care for so many dogs out on the streets.  We also have to consider the cost of feeding and vaccinating our 9 rescues, not to mention having the three pups neutered in a few months time.  It has been mentioned to me that I should consider re-homing some of them, but I just can't do it.  I cannot part with any of them.  They are all part of our family now.

I think I'm to blame  that there isn't so much money coming in, because I took a step back from continually asking for help.  I was finding it difficult and embarrassing to do.   But I know now that our limited finances just won't allow us to continue unless I just swallow my pride and ask.

I desperately want to carry on what I've started.  I don't want to let these dogs down, so if anyone can spare a little to help, you will find the Paypal button at the top of my blog.  Thankyou.


  1. Those pups are such posers, Ayak! I'm sure you could loan them out - for a fee, of course - to a model agency!!! I've never seen such gorgeous, relaxed poses you get from them, all together and looking so very cute. Pippin was cute for about 18 hours and then he started growing like something out of Alice in Wonderland....he's almost too big for his cage now but still only 4 months old. Good luck for all things - Mr A's work and feeding and caring for so many dogs. Axxx

    1. Thanks Annie. They really are cute aren't they? They are really growing too (not quite as much as Pippin). I remember them at 4 weeks when I could so easily scoop all three up for a cuddle with no problem at all. Now it has to be one at a time!

  2. I'm glad the dogs are accepting each other without too much bother, Ayak, and your photos of them together are just gorgeous. I'm sorry Mr A's job-hunting still isn't having any success and really hope that there will be something for him in Bodrum next month.

    1. Thanks Perpetua. Something will turn up, it usually does!

      I think eventually the dogs will all be fine together. It looks like the pups will be big dogs when they are fully grown, so I'm sure they'll be able to take care of themselves with the others. That's when the fun starts!

  3. Melek is a particularly lovely pup! Glad you are getting them all used to each other and I hope you are able to carry on feeding the animals you started to take care of.
    It is such a heartbreaking worry, otherwise.
    Hoping there is some work for Mr A. very soon.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

    1. Melek is going to be the biggest dog I think Maggie. She seems to have a lot of kangal in her. We are struggling a bit with providing the food for all the other dogs locally, so will have to make that difficult decision soon.

      Mr A has made a few contacts about work, and is waiting for phone calls. Bosses don't commit themselves here until the very last minute.


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