Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Teaching the young ones

The puppies have now learned to bark. After 12 weeks of high pitched squeals they've found their real voices.  Although we still get the squeals when it's feeding time. 

I have Monty to thank for encouraging them to bark at every cat and chicken that passes the gate.  The pups adore Monty and will do just about anything to please him.

This includes things that they shouldn't be doing like digging holes and chewing lumps out of Mr A's new picnic table. 

They're growing fast and are very strong.  A lot of squabbling is going on between the three of them, encouraged by Monty, but when it gets a little out of hand, he attempts to put a stop to it.

Yesterday I put the Paraband collars on the dogs and puppies, ready for the summer.  Megan and Sammy have filled out since last year so the collars I had were too small for them, and I'll have to buy two larger ones.  It was quite a performance getting the collars onto the pups.  They refuse to keep still and of course they try to sink their needle sharp teeth into my hands.  They have also outgrown their puppy collars so now have new ones.

All the dogs settle pretty well at night, and except for the odd bark (usually from Freddie) they allow me uninterrupted sleep until around 5am.  However occasionally something disturbs them and this was the case last night.  

All four big dogs barked at the back of the house, the 3 pups joined in.  Monty and Tommy were in the bedroom with me.  Monty growled, and Tommy continually jumped on and off the windowsill to join in the barking.  I went outside several times with a torch but could see nothing, until around 4am when I spotted a fox on the hill at the back of the house.  No doubt attempting to get to Dursune's chickens.  Sevke, my neighbour on the other side, now has her daughter and granddaughter living with her and they brought their goats and chickens with them.

Sevke tends to complain about the dogs barking, but this morning I will beat her to it and let her know that my dogs barking are protecting her chickens from the fox.  I don't have to explain to Dursune.  She knows there are foxes around and is grateful to the dogs for scaring them away.

Mr A is likely to stay in Kas for the summer season, as he is earning a reasonable amount of money.  So unless something better comes up in Bodrum, he'll stick it out.  Naturally I'm not too happy about this, but he is trying to negotiate some regular time off so that he can make a flying visit back home every 10 days or so.  Better than nothing I suppose.

Meanwhile I have another stomach bug, although I think it may be an IBS flare-up rather than a bug.  No doubt brought on by stress.  My friend David was going to visit to see the dogs today, but I've put him off just in case it's something contagious.  I'm desperate for a change of scenery, so as soon as I feel better I will make an effort to get out and about a bit more.  The dogs are fine to be left for a few hours so I will attempt to venture a little further than just Milas for shopping.

I hate to wish my life away but roll on October, when Mr A will be back home and I will also be going to England for a couple of weeks to see my daughter and grandsons.

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