Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The good news or the bad news?

Well it's best to start with the bad news first.   Mr A was offered a job for the second time with a local carpet centre.  The previous offer fell through because the contract the centre had with a tour group had been cancelled so there was no job for Mr A after all.

The boss phoned him again a few days ago to say they had secured another contract  and there would be a job for him to start on 1st May.  He had to rush around the same day getting all sorts of paperwork, including blood tests and medical check-up and hand these over, which he did.

In the meantime he was going to work in Kusadasi this month, but we decided that the uncertainty of being able to earn anything at all when he was only going to be paid 5% commission and no salary just wasn't worth it.  Not to mention the cost of getting there and supporting himself.

Today the carpet centre contacted him.  The job has fallen through yet again.   The tour company had cancelled.   Mr A happens to know the man who runs the tour company who had the contract with the centre and spoke to him this evening.  Yes, it was quite true, they had cancelled the contract because the carpet centre boss had not paid up.  On that basis, maybe Mr A has had a lucky escape.  It is quite likely he would have worked for them and not been paid.   (I'm trying desperately to see a silver lining here, but it's not easy).   BtoB mentioned that she knew the carpet centre 15 years ago and they were good.  I asked Mr A how long the current owner has been there, and it would seem he bought it last year, so certainly they are not the same people BtoB knew....more's the pity.

So we have no idea what will happen next.  Watch this space.

And a bit of good news.   I follow the work of several animal rescue groups in Turkey on Facebook.  One of them, Marmaris Animal Welfare, had a donation of a large quantity of pasta last year.  They have decided to distribute it amongst others who are caring for the street animals, and one or two of their members thought of me.   I've never met them, but some have followed my blog and some are Facebook friends through our shared interest in animal welfare.  It was suggested that some of the pasta should come to me.  Another member of the group, with the help of her husband, arranged transport to get it to Milas today.   40kg...which Mr A collected on his motorbike (don't ask me how he managed it!)    There may be some more to follow tomorrow.

Isn't it wonderful that all these people who care so much for the animals here, pull together to help each other out?  I am overwhelmed by their kindness and very grateful.  The dogs on the streets are going to be pretty happy too!


  1. Poor Mr A - his tenacity is wonderful but it must be so hard to be let down over and again. I'm delighted by your good news and to know there is a counter-balance to the 'wrong' sort of people but can't help thinking it would be even better if it were Mr A that had the good least then, the dogs will benefit too as a result of him earning.
    I remain with fingers crossed that the luck on the job front changes soon. Axxx

    1. Thanks Annie. He's pretty depressed about it all to be honest. I think he is going to go to Kusadasi tonight and take up the 5% commission job at the hamam, but look around for something better in the meantime. He'll want to work in Bodrum really but the season here starts later. Jobs he has enquired about so far in Bodrum don't need him until mid to end of May or beginning of June, and he is anxious to earn money in the meantime. xx

  2. Ayak, I've just finished reading all the posts you've made during my recent blogging break and know you’ll forgive me for not commenting on them individually – just this once. :-) I'm so sorry about all the ups and downs for poor Mr A. It must be so depressing and demoralising for a hard-working man who just wants to earn an honest living. I really hope a better job turns up for him soon.

    Have you had the results of the local elections yet? I was delighted to hear of Mr A's political awakening and enjoyed your amusing description of the voting process. :-)

    1. Hi Perpetua. No apology necessary for not commenting on each post. It happens sometimes and I am guilty of doing the same on occasion. Mr A is quite depressed about the current job situation. He is heading off to Kusadasi tomorrow morning to take up the 5% commission job because it's all he can find at the moment. The season starts later in Bodrum so hopefully he'll find something there later.

      The CHP did well in this area. We got the Belediye leader we wanted. As far as village Muhtar is concerned, there were two candidates, both CHP, but we didn't get the one we voted for...We'll have to wait and see whether things improve now that the Milas Belediye will be taking over responsibility for the village. We will be getting our water bills from them in future...I have a feeling the prices will increase. Hopefully we will get proper rubbish bins up at this end of the house soon too. Now that the road has been done, the rubbish trucks will be able to drive up to empty the bins.

  3. How miserable and dispiriting for Mr. A who only wants the chance to work!

    I'm glad people thought of you and your work with the doesn't compensate for the work problem...but it cheers you up at least.

    I'm sorry too that you didn't get the Muhtar you wanted....and, like Perpetua, found your description of the voting process a hoot!

    1. We face this problem with work every year Helen. We hope things will get better but they don't seem to.

      Yes the kindness of other animal groups did cheer me does my memory of voting on Sunday!


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