Monday, 5 May 2014

Cut off

Yes I do sometimes feel like I'm cut off from the rest of the world, particularly when Mr A is away.  It seems that if there are any problems to be dealt with, they always materialise when he's not here.

I called into the vet's at the beginning of the week  to collect a booster vaccination for Tommy. I have given injections to the dogs before so am used to it.  However, Mr A has been doing them recently and is quite an expert.  When I attempted to inject Tommy, at the last moment he jumped.  The needle didn't go in, and the vaccine shot out all over the place.  So another trip to Milas was made on Wednesday to collect more vaccine.

 The weather has been pretty awful all week.  A couple of storms, rain, wind.  I caught the bus in between showers and hoped I could get there and back without getting wet.  Big mistake.  As I came out of the vet's there was a flash of lightening, a huge clap of thunder which almost knocked me off my feet, then torrential rain and hailstones.  My umbrella was a total waste of time.  

The roads flooded rapidly and I was up to my ankles in water.  Traffic passing was going way too fast so I was soon drenched from head to foot.  I struggled onto the dolmus, and sat dripping water all the way home, leaving a huge puddle on the bus when I got off.

I decided to leave the vaccine in the fridge until next Wednesday, as my friend David  is coming over and I thought it wise to get someone to hold Tommy  and avoid another wasted effort.  He phoned to say he had found some sacks of dog food at Tansas at a good price so is kindly bringing over 4 sacks for me. 

On Saturday it was very windy here, reaching gale force as the day went on, interspersed with a few showers.  Lots of plant pots were blown over, garden furniture had to be tied down, and worst of all I lost my internet connection.  It may not seem the end of the world to most people, but for me it's a lifeline when I'm here on my own.   I reported it to TTNet early yesterday morning and they said an engineer would phone me.  No-one phoned and I reported it again 7 hours later.  I managed about 2 minutes of connection every couple of hours, but finally gave up on it last night.   Mr A phoned some friends in the village and it seems everyone has been affected, and even though it is back on this morning, it's likely to be off again some time today when the engineers will be in the village to sort it out.

I did realise late yesterday afternoon, that even though I'm isolated, I can get help if I need it.   Mr A erected a shelter over the pups kennels, but the strong wind had ripped through one side and it was about to fly away.  Mr A phoned two friends in the village and within 10 minutes they were here, and fixed it the best they could, although it's a temporary measure, and will be sorted out later.  They also placed some very heavy planks of wood over the top to stop the cover moving.  However half an hour after they left, a huge gust of wind actually blew the wood off.  Thank goodness the pups were inside their kennel, or they could have been hurt, or worse.

Around 6pm I heard a car pull up outside.  I went out to find Mehmet the vet.  He knew I was on my own and decided to drop off two sacks of dogfood in case I ran out.  He also did Tommy's vaccination and then off he went.   This is out of his way, and he is such a busy man, that I was touched by his thoughtfulness.  With this food, and the 4 sacks David is bringing on Wednesday, I should be OK for the time being.

It's nice to know that people care, and are so thoughtful while my husband is away.   I later received a visit from my neighbour Sevke's granddaughter with a plate of Lokma (Turkish doughnuts) still warm and covered in syrup.   They were delicious with a cup of good filter coffee, sent to me from England by the lovely Janice.  Thankyou xxx

The weather is calm this morning, just a shower, which has now stopped.  Now for the big clean up in the garden.


  1. I was so delighted to read your last post, when you really did seem so positive about the way, with summer coming on, with the dogs being safer, with "education" of locals finally having some effect, even though Mr A was away...things seemed ok or even better than ok. So I was worried when I started reading this post...but so pleased that Mehmet's little act of kindness, and that of the bringer of Lokma ( and my ridiculously long awaited coffee ! ) has made you feel not so cut off ! I hope your internet gets sorted soon. I am rushing this comment as Mark is taking our connection box into Carcassonne this morning to get an upgraded box that will enable us to get French TV through it as well as the internet.....I will be internetless for all of about 5 hours....but when you are away from people you want to be with, and now that we are so used to being able to have instant communication with so many feels odd. Take care, Jx

    1. It does feel odd Janice. Although I don't actually spend an awful lot of time on the internet, my laptop is always switched on and I dip into it between all my other jobs. It's kind of like friends in another room, if that makes sense? So when it's cut off I feel completely alone. I'm almost scared to tempt fate by saying that so far so good today with my connection!

      You're right that small acts of kindness mean an awful lot and really do cheer me up. The coffee certainly did some travelling didn't it? I have the 3 sheets of paperwork to prove it...and that was before it was returned to sender and re-posted!

      5 hours isn't too bad to be without your internet, and the added bonus of being able to watch French TV is worth it I think.

      You take care too, and enjoy your time in Caunes xxxx

  2. Helen Devries5 May 2014 at 16:54

    Lovely to have thoughtful people around you when you are on your own...and I know what you mean about the internet. Mine stays on most of the day except for thunderstorms and I too ' dip in' from time to do visitors!
    There are a couple of ladies trying to improve their English and they dip into the blogs on my list when they come and love them!
    One day they might blog themselves....who knows!

    1. How lovely that those ladies are using your blog list to improve their English. Yes wouldn't it be nice if they eventually feel confident in the language to blog themselves.

      I'm going to get a surge protector tomorrow that has been recommended by a friend, which apparently will protect against the lightening strikes which means like you I have to disconnect whenever the storms loom. Not sure I believe it will work, but hope it does.

      The thoughtfulness of others really does cheer me up xx

  3. I hate being without internet. I'm sure they turn it off during bad weather and can't turn it on again. We were without it for over 4 days and it was only when we got some important bod from Ankara to ask the Bodrum boss why we were still disconnected, that it returned ( 10 minutes after the phone call - suspicious coincidence). I'm flying again on Wednesday - I'll wave as I pass by. (Does David live near us?)

    1. It's funny you should say that about the internet and bad weather. This is when it happens. And every time I phone TTNet, whilst I'm talking to them it connects again, stays on for a while, then goes again. It's a conspiracy!

      David moved from Gumusluk to a village near Mumcular recently, but can't remember the name of it, so yes must be fairly near you. You could ask him on our group page (he's the other Admin as you probably know).

      I'll look out for you waving :-) Safe journey xx

  4. It sounds as though your weather has been atrocious and losing the internet must have been a real blow. i'm glad your connection seems to be holding up now. DH and I get very tweitchy when we get any internet problems, as we too are used to being able to communicate whenever we want. How encouraging to have the visit from Mehmet and the offer of help from David and I can almost taste those lovely syrupy lokma. :-)

    1. I get twitchy too Perpetua. I am connected more often than not at the present time, but it's still not working properly, although the engineers say they can find nothing wrong. Very frustrating.


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