Thursday, 8 May 2014

Forward Planning

Yesterday was a good day.  The sun was shining and I had plans for a change.   I caught the dolmus into Milas and picked up some curtains that I ordered on Saturday for our large kitchen window ( it's 330cm x 220cm).  For the past five years I have put up with curtains that are much too short so I thought it was about time I got new ones.

I found a new curtain shop in Milas and the voile material in the colour I wanted.  At this point I was just going to get a quote, because I thought they might be too expensive.  I was shocked to learn that the curtains would be made up, with the heading and the clips, for a total of 50 lira (just over £14).  I checked and double checked the price, because I didn't want to order them then discover the price was wrong.  But it was correct.

The curtains are thicker than they look. They seem transparent because the sun is shining through, but you can't see through them from the outside.

I then walked up to the main road to the new Kipa supermarket where I met my friend David, who had driven over from his village near Mumcular, with four 15kg sacks of dried dog food which he had found for a special price which has saved me some money. He also donated a 10kg sack of food for the street dogs, as well as driving me home with the dogfood and my shopping.  I rewarded him with a bacon sandwich, and we sat and chatted in the sunshine for a while.  He also had the chance to meet all my dogs.  You can always tell a dog lover, because they all accepted him without fuss.

The "triplets" yesterday.  Photo by David Beavis

As mentioned in a previous post, we have cut back on the street dog feeding programme.  Although we will still regularly supply sacks of food to the café owner who is feeding the dogs on the estate, and I will be checking the village dogs regularly to make sure they are fed.

The pups need more vaccinations at the end of this month, and within the next couple of months they will need to be neutered.  As well as this, we will continue to give worm and flea treatments to as many dogs as possible.  We are continuing to monitor the situation with the man who has the mum and 7 pups, and Mehmet, our vet, knows someone who may take two of the puppies, which is good news.  We also want to get the mum spayed, and as many other females on the estate and in the village as possible.

We intend to start up the feeding programme again in October, finances permitting.  At the present moment, I am in a negative situation as far as money is concerned.  I have a regular income of £40 per month from committed donors,  and have had a few one-off donations, but I am now spending my own money to make sure that we can continue to give as much care as possible to those dogs that need it.  If any of you would like to commit yourselves to a couple of pounds a month, this would enable us to budget for immediate needs and to plan for the future, but any one-off donations would also be more than welcome.  The Paypal button is on the top of  this page.

You all know by now how much I hate to keep asking for donations, but if I don't we may reach a point where we have to stop doing what we can for the dogs.   Thankyou.

P.S.  Mr A is on his way home.  I am naturally delighted.  He's only been away for two weeks, but it seems like ages.


  1. Your new curtains look great and that price is unbeatable. A very successful trip and how nice to have a lift home and a good chat with David.

    Gosh, those puppies are growing! Enjoy Mr A's visit home. :-)

    1. They seem to grow overnight Perpetua! Yes I'm very happy with the curtains. A real bargain.

  2. Love the curtains... love the way the puppies are developing and love David ! But best of all, love the fact that Mr A is coming home. Enjoy. xxxxx

    1. David is proving to be a very good friend, and excellent company.

      Mr A is back. The reason for his return is concerning a possible job in Bodrum which he will find out about tomorrow. If it doesn't work out then he will be going back to Kas for the summer. So fingers crossed for tomorrow x

  3. The pups look very well ,I love to see them .I hope all goes well with the job for Mr A ,take care xx

    1. Thanks Dawn. You know you're welcome to come and see the dogs anytime you're in the area x

  4. Helen Devries9 May 2014 at 01:43

    Fingers very much crossed for the Bodrum job.
    Those curtains are fantastic wonder you double checked!

    1. They are a real bargain Helen. I'm delighted with them x


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